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Aug 26 14 9:35 AM

Just received word from the FSM FA. They would like to send a team but probably won´t be able to do so because the lack of funding. Their Olympic Committee doesn´t grant them funding unless they are part of AFC and FIFA. But the good news is, that a delegation from AFC will visit the country in October this year.

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Oct 21 14 4:40 PM

Oh calamity.  That would make it U23.  Another tournament lost.  We'll see fewer games than ever between these islands.
And those not eligible for World Cup qualifiers might not have any opportunity at all to field senior teams. 

Idiots.  What is the point of an U23 team?  Nothing except to develop for the senior team.  It is absolutely stupid to run youth tournaments without senior tournaments.   Once again OFC is revelling in its own pointlessness.  It's time for AFC to take over from these clowns.

Why can't they just leave it alone?  The SPG has been a perfectly good competition for decades (except when FIFA got involved and ruined it in 1999).  Just stop messing with everything!   They don't need the OFC anyway, they can run it perfectly well without them.

OFC are interfering just for the sake of it, to make it appear as though they are relevant.  Well done OFC, you spent millions of dollars on your headquarters (for who?).  Well done you got some handouts from FIFA to run development courses (for who?).   Now get on with organizing competitions for your members, that is your main reason to exist.  But no, instead you cut down and amalgamate all the competitions in your region into as few as possible?  Why?  Lack of funds?  Then stop spending your funds on a ridiculous "Home of Football".  You don't need it, you could run the OFC from a garden shed. 

"investigate the concept"
What a strange phrase.  The concept doesn't need much investigating.  A decision needs to be made.  And letting all the associations know well in advance, should be the point.   OFC is just dithering and throwing more doubt onto a competition that is (along with the CFU) one of the last places we can see FIFA-outsiders playing international football.

"The OFC 50th Anniversary Programme includes a book detailing the history of the confederation, a football museum and a documentary."
That'll be a great use of resources I'm sure.  I wonder if they'll correctly remember all the championships they held, without Luca's help to remind them. 

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Jan 10 15 11:53 AM

Papua New Guinea’s Football Association president, David Chung has been re-elected as President of the Oceania Football Confederation, for another four year term.

The announcement was made in a media conference, with representatives from FIFA, and delegates from the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and other oceanic regions, who make up the OFC Executive Committee.

Chung stood unopposed for his second term, backed by the endorsement of the 11 member nations present.

The delegates from each of the other island nations present, showing solidarity and being impressed in Chung’s role as president so far on in the region.

Chung himself was humbled and appreciative at the confidence shown.

The Oceania region is the smallest of FIFA’s confederacies, and the focus now is on raising the standard of football to unprecedented levels. Chung and OFC Secretary General, Tai Nicholas, are pushing for direct qualification into the world cup. 

However, Chung was also queried on his role as PNGFA president, and the plans in place for the country. He admitted that the standard is not where it should be.

The OFC is also gearing up for the Pacific Games, and in a surprise announcement, will be using the games as qualifiers for the u23 men’s and for the women’s national teams.

A move that has not gone down well with representative players in both Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

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Jan 10 15 1:20 PM

As far as I know four non FIFA teams want to enter. Micronesia will send a team as well as Palau and Tuvalu. Kiribati has the same intentions.

Just talked to a player from Micronesia. They still will enter the tournament anyway.

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Posts: 5,526 Site Admin

#29 [url]

Jan 10 15 7:01 PM

Idiotic decision. So these non-FIFA teams might play some rare games, but in the end will probably have to leave half of their team behind because they are over 23. Unfortunately, idiots are in charge of football in many cases. There isn't much that can be done with the way the present FIFA/Confederation system is set up. Look how long Blatter, the king of idiots, has been in charge. Free to make ridiculous decisions with no challenge. Well, what will happen is that many OFC teams will drop out of the rankings completely, or at least have very few points indeed, as their only tournament will be OFC qualifiers for the World Cup every 4 years. Great way to develop national team football in OFC. Idiots, idiots, idiots.

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#30 [url]

Jan 10 15 7:09 PM

If Guam enter, OFC will be forced to change their minds (just as they were for the 2011 edition). FIFA forbade a continental qualification tournament involving teams from outside the confederation in 2011 - The OFC clearly wanted to combine the Pacific Games with the WCQ and OGQ, as they expressed disappointment about FIFA's decision (and probably they were secretly hoping Guam wouldn't enter). So, it seems they have been hoping for it since at least 2011.

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Jan 10 15 7:30 PM

I hope I receive an answer by the OFC because I pretty much suggested each and every point you did! I suggest I won´t get one though.

Maybe we are lucky if Guam enters. Didn´t receive an answer from their FA so we´ll have to wait and cross fingers.

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#33 [url]

Jan 11 15 9:05 PM

Guam were indeed smart to join the AFC, for many reasons.  I hope the other islands now withdraw from OFC and join AFC.  There is no reason to remain in OFC.  Any benefits from OFC could be achieved by membership of AFC, except for one: the chance to qualify for a Confederations Cup. 

Why did none of the members oppose this?  The decision shows again the basic ignorance of football administrators, even the 20% which aren't serial embezzlers.  They have just neutered the oldest and best tournament in their region.

By doing this the OFC is putting roadblocks in the way of development for some of the islands, particularly those which cannot enter the World Cup.  It is hard enough for some of these islands to field a team at all, let alone one with a severe age limitation.  

The South Pacific Games ran for decades without any help from OFC, indeed it pre-dates the OFC.  
It is the most important part of the football history of the majority of the Oceania region (excluding New Zealand and previously Australia).  
If I was on the Pacific Games committee I would be strongly recommending that men's football be excluded from the Games unless it is a senior level event.   The reasons for Olympic football to be U-23 do not apply to these islands.  If the OFC want to save money on running separate Olympic qualifiers, that's understandable, but don't force it to be U-23 at the qualfication level.

> and the focus now is on raising the standard of football to unprecedented levels

Shouldn't the focus always be on that?  What were they doing before?
And how is this compatible with the decision to reduce the Games to a youth event?

Aside from possible financial savings, the only way this decision makes any sense is if it is part of a masterplan by the OFC to launch a new improved OFC Nations Cup (i.e. separate from World Cup qualifiers), and they didn't want it to be usurped in prestige by the Pacific Games.

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#34 [url]

Jan 12 15 5:21 AM

What it effectively means is that anyone over 23 in the South Pacific can play international football only every 4 years. For players of the likes of American Samoa, this could mean as few as 3 international matches every 4 years. It also means that football is the only sport with an age restriction at the games, and could actually be argued to be discrimination based on age.

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#35 [url]

Jan 12 15 6:13 PM

All the points you two mentioned here were in my E-Mail sent to the OFC. Still no reply.... SURPRISE isn´t it.

OFC simply is garbage. Robbing these teams of the rare chance to play senior internationals.
At least Fiji and the Solomon Islands opposed the idea. Would be nice if they withdraw from the tournament.
Furthermore I believe they will use the tournament as Olympic Qualifiers.
But Tahiti and New Caledonia aren´t even IOC members! But I guess they can enter anyway.

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#36 [url]

Jan 12 15 8:18 PM

it seems OFC is going the wrong direction and to make themselves useless..

in the 90's the small teams played the SPG, the Nations Cup and WC-qualifiers, so more then 10 games every 4 years....

hope to see them all join AFC soon...

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#37 [url]

Jan 12 15 8:58 PM

They also had the Melanesian Cup.

It seems the OFC is happy to use football as simply a pasttime for youth on the islands to keep them out of trouble. They would rather organise more youth tournaments it seems, given a fixed budget. We are all angry here, but then again, all of us are enthusiasts of international football between senior national teams. Perhaps locally there is not as much importance attached to that. They are all at the bottom of the rankings anyhow, perhaps they don't see it as worthwhile.

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#40 [url]

Mar 27 15 5:03 PM

Solomon Islands v Papua New Guinea on 26.3 and 29.3. Unfortunately, because the Pacific Games has been made Under-23, it will be the Under-23 national teams playing on FIFA dates instead of the full national teams.

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