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Jul 29 15 1:11 PM

I've found a short message:

The announced match is postponed.

The Republican Football Union of the DPR has been established. The match Abkhazia - Donetsk played on 14th of May has been recognized as the first international match of the DPR national team. The President of the RFU DPR is Igor Petrov, first captain of the Ukrainian national football team. (

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Jul 30 15 7:38 AM

According to the second article:

Стратегическими целями работы Игоря Григорьевича на посту президента будут:

5. Утверждение проведения международного турнира на приз ФС ДНР с приглашением команд из других стран.

The strategical aims of Igor Grigoryevich (Petrov) as a president are:

5. To approve a carrying out of a FU DPR Trophy international tournament with inviting teams from other countries.

Sorry for my English. It's difficult for me to translate officialese.

Also here a match Donetsk - Lugansk is announced on August, 8

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#24 [url]

Jul 30 15 4:53 PM

> To approve a carrying out of a FU DPR Trophy international tournament

Hmm, their aim is just to approve it. Not to actually do it. That would be too ambitious!

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#26 [url]

Jul 30 15 7:07 PM

TovKirov wrote:
Sorry for my English. It's difficult for me to translate officialese.

I guess, (perhaps) Pieter, you and (particularly) I have some problems with English. But on the other hand: we all 'think' in our native languages ... (quite well) :).

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Jul 30 15 10:20 PM

nfm24 wrote:
Reminds me of something the OFC wrote in a press release when it  "confirmed it will investigate the concept..."  (of lobotomizing the South Pacific Games).
"...In conclusion, we have decided that the idea of a well-organised tournament may not have been 100% satisfied... this is an area we will continue to review as part of our regular processes."

Interesting to hear about the tournament that they might allow the organisation of, have to second the question on who they might invite. Luhansk? Transnistria?

Back on the topic of speaking 'officialese', though, I don't think anyone is as fluent as Roger Goodell of the NFL:

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#29 [url]

Jul 31 15 10:55 AM

nfm24 wrote:
... the surgeon should be the one with the working brain.

“The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.” (Robert Frost)

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#30 [url]

Aug 8 15 10:47 PM

08/08/2015. Donetsk, Metallurg Stadium, 4500
DONETSK 4 (Viktor Stanenko 10', Sergey Nechepurenko 30', Peres Agonga 44', Aleksandr Komin 84')
LUGANSK 1 (Yevgeniy Naumov 90+1')
Donetsk:  Andrey Kushnir (Vladimir Kravchenko 46'),  Konstantin Zolotar (Vitaliy Topalo 74'), Pavel Grishchenko (Ruslan Zinchenko 46'),
          Denis Nikulin (Yevgeniy Lind 59'), Anton Izverkov [c] (Maksim Sinkov 59'), Sergey Nechepurenko (Aleksandr Piftibay 63'),
          Sergey Artyukh (Ivan Sirotin 67'), Roman Sayetov (Oleg Filatov 63'), Yevgeniy Moroz (Vladislav Kolomiyets 67'),
          Viktor Stanenko (Aleksandr Komin 64'), Peres Agonga (Vakhtang Khalvashi 74')
Lugansk:  Igor Mashkov, Aleksandr Polovkov, Valeriy Zasyadvolk (Aleksey Mukhin 46'), Aleksandr Malygin [c], Igor Dobrodiy
          (Andrey Rybkin 90+2'), Roman Pavlov, Dmitriy Trostyanskiy, Aleksandr Andryushchuk (Nikita Tarasyuk 64'), Aleksandr Mayboroda
          (Ivan Korbich 90+2'), Dmitriy Kurbatskiy (Yevgeniy Naumov 33'), Anton Ivashkevich.
Referee:  Dmitriy Kurlov (Donetsk)
Linesmen: Aleksey Andreyev (Donetsk), Andrey Beregovoy (Donetsk)
4th:      Vitaliy Mazin (Donetsk)
Coaches:  Donetsk: Arsen Isakov
          Lugansk: Konstantin Pinchuk

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#31 [url]

Oct 21 15 2:32 PM

19/09/2015. Lugansk, Avangard Stadium, 8000
LUGANSK 3 (Yuri Tselykh 39', Andrey Danayev 64' penalty, Sergey Pivnenko 81')
DONETSK 1 (Peres Agonga 60')
Lugansk:  Andrey Komaritskiy, Yuriy Kuzmin (Ivan Babenko 70'), Andrey Martynov, Denis Voytsekhovskiy, Aleksandr Malygin [c],
          Vadim Tarasov, Andrey Danayev, Yuri Tselykh (Sergey Pivnenko 70'), Andrey Kogut (Valeriy Titov 85'),
          Sergey Kovtev (Aleksandr Andryushchuk 85'), Andrey Kolesnichenko
Donetsk:  Vladimir Kravchenko [c] (Andrey Kushnir 86'), Konstantin Zolotar, Denis Nikulin (Yevgeniy Lind 85'), Anton Izverkov
          (Maksim Sinkov 77'), Sergey Nechepurenko, Roman Sayetov, Aleksandr Piftibay (Aleksandr Shamrayev 88'), Sergey Artyukh,
          Ruslan Zinchenko (Vitaliy Topalo 77'), Viktor Stanenko (Aleksandr Komin 88'), Peres Agonga (Ivan Sirotin 86')
Referee:  Aleksandr Kravchenko (Lugansk)
Linesmen: Kirill Alekseyev (Lugansk), Artyom Zolotaylo (Lugansk)
4th:      Mikhail Snizhko (Lugansk)
Coaches:  Lugansk: Konstantin Pinchuk
          Donetsk: Arsen Isakov

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#40 [url]

Jun 27 16 10:52 PM

Match was played on May 19, before the ConIFA Championship.

I tried to catch names heralded by a stadium speaker. My doubts are marked with asterisks (*).

19/05/2016. Sukhum/Sukhumi, Dinamo Stadium
Abkhazia (starting line-up): Inal Katsuba, *Vladimir Alyakov*, *Zaur Suzhba*, Anri Khagba, *Karen Khagba*,
                             Almaskhan Dzhenia, Astamur Tarba, Levan Logua, Dmitriy Kortava, Dzambolat Kusov, Akhra Simonia
Donetsk (starting line-up):  Andrey Kushnir, Konstantin Zolotar, Artyom Yevlanov, Roman Sayetov, Sergey Nechepurenko,
                             *Denis Yagudin*, Sergey Artyukh, Vladislav Popko, Ivan Ivanov, *Anton Bezmekhov*, *Said Ibosoyev*
Referee: Aleksey Ivanenko (Lugansk)
Coaches: Abkhazia: Dzhuma Kvaratskhelia
         Donetsk:  Arsen Isakov

Here is a more complete video:

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