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May 16 15 9:30 AM

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GROUP A: Madagascar, Maldives, Mayotte, Seychelles
GROUP B: Comoros, Mauritius, Réunion

GROUP A: Maldives, Mayotte, Seychelles
GROUP B: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion

Women's football making its first ever appearance at the games.

Not sure if Maldives are confirmed, as there were many reports before the draw that Maldives were not contactable regarding their participation in the games.

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Aug 1 15 9:27 AM

Thank you for this information. On the official website of IOIG a result Madagascar v Seychelles was not to find. Now we know that Madagascar are obviously not started. Are they still in the tournament? Any information?

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Aug 1 15 2:15 PM

Madagascar only left home yesterday due to visa problems. They think they may be able to replay the match tonight but I don't think that's possible. Several local newspapers gave the result as forfeited. - football internationals

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Aug 3 15 12:57 PM

Qualifying matches will start in 13 months from now. In the meantime a lot can happen.

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Aug 3 15 3:16 PM

That’s right! ‘Jeux des îles de l'océan Indien 2015’  is a village sports festival and correspondingly disorganized ... by the way, the rules are obviously the same as at '2012 Coupe de l'Outre-mer': to increase the amusement of the audience: there are PSOs after draws in group stage matches. Winners of PSO get an extra point... So we have: 4 pts. for a win, 2 pts. for a draw (if PSO was successful), 1 pt. for a draw …  two draws (+ victories in PSO) should not bring more points than one regular win...
That’s French arithmetic! Everything else is French confusion …

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#13 [url]

Aug 5 15 1:13 PM

Results yesterday: Choose!

Some screenshots:
Wikpedia (Englisch version)


Reports (IOIG):

Madagascar v Maldives – okay



Mayotte v Seychelles …
Bad luck that in both cases – women and men (femme / homme) – Mayotte played against the Seychelles

Wikipedia (French version)


Madagascar 4? – 0 Maldives …

So, I was very grateful, SDb helped us with reliable information for the first rounds

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Aug 5 15 3:11 PM

No, football is not U-23. The 2015 editiojn matches are not counted by FIFA because they were not authorised properly (through CAF).

Madagascar FA Facebook page also says Madagascar 4-0 Maldives, not 5-0.

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#18 [url]

Aug 5 15 8:13 PM

Have I understood that correctly: a friendly (or another match) Madagascar (CAF) v Maldives (AFC) must be authorised by CAF? What about World Cup matches with African participation? Are matches counted by FIFA, if an authorisation by the CAF is missing?
Sounds like a deal FIFA/CAF.

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Aug 6 15 7:20 PM

Matches on "CAF territory" should be, regardless of the teams involved. Matches in FIFA competitions via FIFA, superseding confederations.
One may ask: historically, what proportion of such internationals were authorised by CAF....

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#20 [url]

Aug 7 15 10:57 AM

Are the authorities of CAF famous for honourable actions and their reliability? Never heard of it! What kind of (football) bureaucrats can fulfil such options?
By the way: CHAN (a restricted competition – it’s evident, in the very most matches we have not A-teams ...): are those matches 'authorised' by CAF as internationals (A-teams)? … in interaction with FIFA officials.
I agree, of course, that there are some ‘problems’ with several African national associations ...; even sometimes when they play on ‘AFC territory’. Over several years, there were a lot of internationals in which African organisations sent ‘tourist groups’. We may assume, with the approval of Asian hosts.

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