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#41 [url]

Jan 23 14 9:21 PM

Yes I think this was similar to the squad which played Romania on 14-4-82 (in an A match).
Donev = Nikolay Donev
Nikov = Venelin Nikolov
Ilev = Ivan Ilchev (or possibly Ivan Iliev)
Saboitinov = Vencho Sabotinov
Yovchev = Ivan Yovchev
Sadigov = Anyo Sadkov
Raviv = Rafi Rafiev
Sabasov = Emil Spasov
Sangov = Georgi Tsingov (probably)

Yaltchev = ?
Blaiviv = ? Possibly Veselin Balevski?
Janiv = ?

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#46 [url]

Jan 26 14 12:37 AM

nfm24 wrote:
nfm24 wrote:
We need a Gulf newspaper to tell us clearly what the results were, any match details, and about the status of the home teams, then we need the Bulgarian newspaper to tell us about the away teams.
From "Al-Khaleej"

10-2-1982, Sharjah, Sharjah Stadium
UAE 1-2 "Bulgaria"
Goals: Salem Khalifa 89' / Dingov 18', Yovchev 28',
UAE: Saeed Salboukh, Hassan Ali, Yousef Mohammed, Khalil Ghanem, Badr Saleh, Hamdoun, Mohammed Salem, Saeed Abdullah, Salem Hadeed, Salem Kalifa, Fahad Khamis.
Bulgaria: Doniv (GK), Yalchev, Ilev, Blaiviv, Saboitinov, Yovchev, Janiv, Sadigov, Raviv, Sabasov, Sangov.
Referee: Farid Abdul-Rahman (UAE)
Coaches: UAE: Heshmat Mohajerani (Iran)
                Bulgaria: Barjelov (probably Atanas Parzhelov)

12-2-1982, Sharjah, Sharjah Stadium
UAE 0-1 "Bulgaria"
Goal: ? 35'
Referee: Khalfan (UAE)
UAE: Abdul-Qader Hassan, Hamdoun Al-Sagheir, Abdul-Karim Khamas, Khalil Ghanem, Khamis Musabeh, Ali Abdul-Rahman (Hassan Abdul-Wahab), Fahad Abdul-Rahman (Khalid Suleiman), Mubarak Ghanem, Salim Hadeed, Hassan Mohammed, Juma'a Rabe'a (Ahmed Shombi).
Bulgaria: Nikov (GK), Yalchev, Ilev, Blaiviv, Saboitinov, Yovchev, Janiv, Sadigov, Raviv, Sabasov, Sangov.
 (3 subs were made but the incoming players were not named)

The names are transliterated from Arabic.
An interview with coach "Barjelov" said the matches were part of a training camp, preparing towards the Euro qualifiers.

Time to have fun identifying the Bulgarians!
 Is this all from an online archive for Al-Khaleej?

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#50 [url]

Jan 29 14 1:08 PM

There are different romanization systems of Bulgarian (and other Cyrillic script languages). You can find both of "zh" and "j" for "ж", and both of "y" and "j" for "й" which incorporated in "я" (= йа), "ю" (= йу).

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#52 [url]

Jan 16 16 7:20 PM

It was not uncommon to see club teams on Asian tours or tournaments playing in the national jerseys. Some guest teams in the Merdeka, and also "Iran" teams in the Aga Khan Cup did this.

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