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Feb 21 08 7:20 PM

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1951 Burma-Indonesia 4-1 (Asian Games)
Singapore-Indonesia 1-4

Filipines-Indonesia 0-5
Hongkong-Indonesia 1-4
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Mar 1 08 4:38 PM

According to, the matches were played by Australia 'B'. They also played against Singapore and Chinese in Malaysia. However, I think they count them as 'B' matches just because Australia played against non-national teams - so I'll try to add the relvant matches.

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Apr 1 14 9:10 AM

This is a historic picture: the Indonesian National team that took part in the 1996 Asian Nations Cup. This was their first appearance in the continental competition.

Source: Guerin Sportivo number 3 from 1997.


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Jul 29 16 11:40 PM

Indonesia ban was lifted in May. AFC Cup qualifiers are already ongoing. Don't think they will be given an entry this late. - football internationals

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