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Apr 15 14 4:08 PM

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Recently I learned that Poland, along with Turkey and Germany, got a bye straight to the OG 1956 finals, but decided not to participate (as did Turkey). The remaining 8 European teams were drawn against each other, but only two ties were played. When was the draw made (early September 1955 at the latest) and what was the rationale behind giving byes to those particular teams - or was it all dictated by chance? Or was some kind of seeding employed? The pairs certainly look like being drawn after seeding Great Britain, Hungary, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

After Poland withdrew, their place was taken by Great Britain (on 4 June 1956) - why not Israel, for example?
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Apr 15 14 6:22 PM

The drawing was made 13 June 1955 in Amsterdam.

Of the countries who provisionally entered, nine withdrew before final registration: Burma, Czechovlovakia, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Singapore, Sudan and Sweden.
Four teams received byes for the Olympic Tournament: Australia as host, and India, Siam (Thailand) and Poland by drawing of lots.
The next pairings were drawn made, taking into account geographical locations:
United States - Mexico
Egypt - Ethiopia
German Dem. Rep. - Hungary
Soviet Union - Israel
Yugoslavia - Romania
Bulgaria - Great Britain
Fed. Rep. Germany - Turkey
Cambodia - Vietnam [Rep.]
Philippines - China People's Rep.
Iran - Afghanistan
Indonesia - Rep. of China
Korea [Rep.] - Japan
At the time it was already unsure if the entrance German Dem. Rep. would be accepted.

Drawing of lots late May 1956 in Amsterdam decided the losers of Bulgaria - Great Britain (Bulgaria already qualified) and Germany - Turkey would also qualify, so the latter matches (10 June (originally schedueled for 6 June) 1956 in Ankara; 20 June 1956 in a German city) were no longer needed.

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Aug 11 16 4:30 PM

Because both teams qualified regardless of the match results.

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Aug 12 16 10:15 AM

You're right. After my deduction I established following facts:
1. Original draw was made 13.06.1956 in Amsterdam
1) Australia bye
2) Poland bye
3) Thailand bye
4) India bye
5) Egypt - Ethiopia
6) East Germany - Hungary
7) Yugoslavia - Romania
8) Bulgaria - Great Britain
9) West Germany - Turkey
10) Cambodia - Vietnam
11) Philippines - China
12) Iran - Afghanistan
13) South Korea - Japan
14) United States - Mexico
15) Indonesia - Taiwan
16) Soviet Union - Israel

After draw Poland, Romania, Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan and probably Philippines (I'm not sure for 100%) withdraw from the tournament and we had following situation:
1) Australia, Thailand, India, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria (They already won with Great Britain), United States and China qualified to the Olympic Tournament (We have seven finalist)
2) The winners of matches Egipt-Ethiopia, Cambodia-Vietnam, Soviet Union-Israel, Hungary-East Germany, Korea-Japan, Indonesia-Taiwan and West Germany-Turkey will be from eighth to fourteenth finalists, so we have two free places (after Poland withdrew and Iran and Afghanistan withdrew).
3) The second draw in Amsterdam decided that the losers of matches Bulgaria-Great Britain (we know that the losers of this matches was Grat Britain before the drawing) and West Germany-Turkey will also qualify at the Olympics Tournament (so matches between West Germany and Turkey was cancelled - both teams qualified).
4) After second draw East and West Germany agreed to send a combined Germany team (Hungary qualified). Indonesia also qualified without playing (Taiwan withdraw).

2. Qualification results:

23.10.1955 Sofia Bulgaria - Great Britain 2:0 (1:0) [1:0 30' Stefanov, 2:0 61' Yanev)
12.05.1956 London Great Britain - Bulgaria 3:3 (1:2) [1:0 12' Hardisty, 1:1 28' Milanov, 1:2 32' Milanov (or Prince o.g.), 2:2 62' Hardisty, 2:3 66' Dimitrov, 3:3 77' Lewis (pen.)]

03.06.1956 Tokyo Japan - South Korea 2:0 (0:0) [1:0 54' Masao Uchino, 2:0 77' Isao Iwabuchi]
10.06.1956 Tokyo Japan - South Korea 0:2 (0:0) a.e.t. [0:1 58' Sung Nak-Woon, 0:2 64' Choi Chung-Min (or Choi Gwang-Seok); additional notes: 28' Masao Uchino out (probably injury), Japan qualified on the drawing of lots)

11.07.1956 Moscov Soviet Union - Israel 5:0 (3:0) [1:0 2' Tatushin, 2:0 26' Ivanov, 3:0 45' Simonyan, 4:0 71' Ivanov, 5:0 78' Simonyan]
31.07.1956 Ramat Gan Israel - Soviet Union 1:2 (0:0) [0:1 59' Ilyin, 1:1 64' Stelmach, 1:2 79' Tatushin)

11.07.1956 ? Ethiopia - Egypt 1:4 (?:?) [? - Mohammed Diba, 2 Refaat El Fanajili, Hassan Adam]
31.07.1956 ? Egypt - Ethiopia 5:2 (?:?) [2 Sayyed Saleh, Rafaat Atia, Mohammed Diba, Sherief Alfar - ?,?]

03.06.1956 ? Vietnam - Cambodia 5:2 (?:?) [?,?,?,?,? - ?,?]
10.06.1956 ? Cambodia - Vietnam 3:4 (?:?) [?,?,? - ?,?,?,?]

If anyone knows more details about the games Egypt-Ethiopia and Vietnam-Cambodia please note.

I have also one question. "Java-bode" and "De Tijd" reported that Cambodia have a chance to play at Olympic Final Tournament. The results of matches between Vietnam-Cambodia didn't know at that time, so why this walpapers reprted that information? (I translate this text in google translate, so maybe I'm wrong).

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Aug 13 16 8:46 PM

Philippines withdrew. They were due to play PR China in Calcutta on June 3 & 5 but the team was still in Spain on a training tour and could not keep these dates. The venue was Calcutta because the Philippines refused to play the Chinese in Peking or Manila due to lack of diplomatic relations. FIFA awarded China the walkover. China then played some friendlies in Calcutta and Rangoon against local teams.

29-Jan-1956 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1-4 Egypt (HT 0-2)
? 69' / Refaat El-Fanagili 2' 35', Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba' 53', Hassan Adam 60'
[Ethiopian newspaper gave the minutes but unfortunately did not name the scorers, so I took the names from Tarek Said's website with the minutes from Ethiopian news. I might try to find the Ethiopian scorer in Egyptian newspapers]

27-Apr-1956 Cairo, Egypt 5-2 Ethiopia (HT 2-0)
Sayed Saleh 7', Raafat Ateya Helmy 43', Sherif El-Far 46', Mohammed Diab El-Attar 'El-Diba' 63', Refaat El-Fanagili 74' / Abdurahman Beko 56', Kebede Metaferia 61'
Note: when Egypt declined to travel to Australia, FIFA invited Ethiopia to take their place but Ethiopia also declined as they felt they were too inexperienced.

22-Apr-1956 Saigon, South Vietnam 5-2 Cambodia (HT 4-0)
Truong Van Duoc 6' 12', Chea Hoeun 33' OG, Do Quang Thach 40', Nguyen Van Tu 61' / Nguon Tuy 65', Dy Tamom 80'

6-May-1956 Phnom Penh, Cambodia 3-4 Vietnam (HT 2-1)
Kong Thann 27' pen, Nguon Bun [or Nguyen Di Nhon 'Waico' OG] (2-1), Nguon Thanh 65' / Tran Van Nhung 'Pierre' 23', Truong Van Duoc 60', Tran Van Ung ~80', Do Quang Thach ~85'

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Aug 17 16 1:03 PM

Thanks! Once again wrong dates... I will also try to find a name of Ethiopian player.

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