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Aug 13 12 4:14 AM

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can they still participate in next Olympic Games ?

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Aug 13 12 1:17 PM

Re: Team GB

Tanaka wrote:
can they still participate in next Olympic Games ?

No, because they cannot qualify. Europe's 2 positions at the women's tournament are taken by the highest 2 European teams at the previous (2015) World Cup. GB cannot compete at a World Cup and if England qualify, they would be replaced by the 3rd European team (this happened at the 2008 Olympics).

For the men's tournament, the UEFA U-21 Championship is used as a qualifier. Again, GB cannot compete as they are not a FIFA member. If England or Scotland qualify, they would be replaced by the next best European team who did not qualify (this happened also for the 2008 Olympics, England being replaced by Italy).

In short, GB was only allowed to compete because they were automatically qualified as hosts, and they will not be allowed to compete until the UK hosts the Olympics again.

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Aug 31 12 2:58 PM

FIFA could admit the UK as a member just for Olympic purposes in addition to the 4 home nations retaining individual memberships - would need a change in the statutes though.

Or simply say that if any of the home nations finish high enough in the qualifying tournaments then a British team can be fielded in the Olympic finals.

But I don't think there will be demand from the players or any associations for this to happen. Big clubs don't like international games in August (or at all).

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Dec 8 12 3:36 PM

Can't remember if I mentioned this on another thread in the past, but I have always thought that 'Team GB' should be able to enter being represented by a 'Home Nation' if they qualify for the Olympics based only on the nation that earned the spot (e.g. if Wales placed high enough in the UEFA tournament to qualify, enter a Welsh-only squad for 'Team GB' at the Olympics, etc.). Same goes for European nations at the FIFA Women's World Cup...

Football Revolution...

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Mar 3 15 12:03 PM

Well, I'm neutral as to whether they are allowed or not. My only protest will be simply to not care whether they lose or win. In any case, for men, it's U-23, which I don't care about anyway.

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Mar 3 15 6:24 PM

So you'll only care when they draw? :)

It shouldn't be that hard to qualify. Need to come second in group of Italy, Sweden and Portugal.

Yeah, it's not happening, is it?

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Mar 3 15 6:56 PM

He only cares about the 3 overage players, and the other 8 are ignored ;-)

The FA seems to be further asserting some sort of right to represent the whole UK, which even if it has some based on paper (e.g. affiliation to the IOC or whatever) is somewhat dubious in practice.

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Mar 13 15 5:36 PM

I've always believed that aside from hosting a Games, Team GB's identity should be decided competitively as sport intended, where possible. So if any of the British teams do well enough to qualify, they have main controlling rights over the team, but are allowed to reach out to whichever other British countries they wish to collaborate with, who are able to accept or decline the offer.

If two or more qualify and no bobsleigh-style multi-team solution has been invented, then they are forced to collaborate (remaining Euro U21/WWC spots decided by play-offs as present), perhaps with The FA representing by name as they currently do, should England be one of those teams. Of course, it isn't just the traditional 4 that have to be considered here, I look forward to the day when only Scotland qualify, then only invite Herm and Pitcairn Islands to work with them out of spite...

Also, these jokes about England not being capable of making it are unfair, 5th successive qualification this year to a tournament known for inconsistency long-term, and would have qualified for the 2008 Olympics without the technicalities. For reference purposes, Scotland last qualified in 1996 smiley: wink. Also, we have a new Semi-Final penalty shoot-out victim in charge now:

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Mar 13 15 9:47 PM

Just as a passing comment, there are other countries which are members of FIFA but not IOC. While FIFA is running the Olympic tournament, it needs to make a proper decision on whether non-members are allowed to play. Not just hope that it doesn't happen.

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Aug 24 16 9:44 PM

Boo, Chris Coleman, boo, still an absolute legend but boooooo...

I do agree with him on the importance of the Welsh team spirit and all that, but I don't think it has to be diminished at all if any of the players wear a GB shirt for a couple of weeks (this of course still dependent on a Home Nation qualifying for the Olympics, and of Welsh players then being selected for the squad, of which most would have to be U23 and less likely to be first-choice for Wales anyway), plenty of room to be passionate about both coming from someone who's half-Welsh. Aaron Ramsey himself has played for both teams and it hasn't had an effect on him... could even be filed under 'valuable tournament experience'... same goes for Neil Taylor and our lord and saviour Joe Allen.

On an unrelated note, loving that the Welsh FA have given their slogan a topical update, although it might confuse some of the less bright members of the social media population, #709ERHER57R0N93R smiley: wink:

Last Edited By: mattsanger92 Aug 24 16 9:46 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Aug 24 16 10:46 PM

mattsanger92 wrote:
the less bright members of the social media population

I don't like this use of numbers in fonts for no reason.  It has some use online for those typing non-Latin alphabets using a Latin keyboard/character set, but otherwise it just looks like teenage bedroom stuff.

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Sep 15 16 8:30 PM

Captainpointlessbandwagonjump. For women's it is probably worthwhile having a go, but for men's the Olympics is about as relevant to modern football as Steve McClaren.

What is the best that can be achieved? Maybe, after years of tiresome negotiations, back scratching and bickering, a British team enters and qualifies for the Olympics and then can't pick decent players due to the Premier League clash so you have a U23 B-team possibly sneaking a bronze (but more likely crashing out to the first serious country it encounters). Big wow. Give more money to badminton or diving or some of those other sports where we inexplicably pinched nailed-on medals off the bewildered Chinese.

If they do end up sending a men's team, I want to see it picked on merit and not on a quota system. We don't want to see English players taking the rightful places of the Welsh, Northern Irish, or Gibraltarese players just to make up the numbers.

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Sep 16 16 5:37 PM

For me, it's really about GB teams just being allowed to have the opportunity to compete rather than self-restricting themselves, the women's team especially but also the men.

The Olympics Tournament is often one of the most open and unpredictable out there, Honduras knocked out Argentina and South Korea (who other than Brazil were probably the team taking it most seriously all-round), then came within a goal of winning a bronze medal. Great Britain's men in 2012 were a penalty shoot-out away from the Medal Rounds, lost to the aforementioned 'very serious' South Korea. Not saying that it's a permanent indicator for predictions, but they weren't exactly slouches.

For funding, I was under the impression that the Home Nation FAs were responsible for the running of the team and whatever supporting finance, the BOA just supply the 'Team GB' branded kits. Other than a few extra plane tickets to the host country I'm not sure it's a huge cost being undertaken, especially when they can stick Gareth Bale or whoever in the kit on a billboard (usually done months before the squad is actually announced so no restrictions on who gets to model it) and make any expenses back on those shirt sales alone.

And I'll agree with you that Wales are the best team right now (just turned P10 in the Rankings and overtook Spain, yay FIFA!), but I'll be pedantic and add that England are only 2 places back... of course other territories' players are welcome in the squad too, otherwise the cricket board would probably want control of the team...

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Sep 16 16 9:31 PM

The openness and unpredictability you mention is to some degree explained by the fact that the overlap with the club season neuters many of the strong "usual suspects" teams with a majority of players in those leagues. The beneficiaries of this are the countries which have (for whatever reason) relatively few players in those leagues, or some other reason to take the Olympics more seriously ... e.g. Honduras, South Korea, UAE, Nigeria etc. The Argentina team that took the field in Rio was a shadow, for example. Brazil had to lobotomize their Copa America Centenario side in order to bargain their better players into the Olympic squad.

Britain would do well to stay out of Olympic football until it has been reformed to become less of a pointless basket case than it is now. On this occasion Brexit is the only sensible option. Olympic football is unworthy of our imperial attention, and indeed, I would be fully in favour of the home nations withdrawing from FIFA altogether until it has learned from its insubordinate foolishness. We should never have allowed them the privilege of re-affiliating us after the war, and should certainly never have allowed foreigners to take over the administration, as they inevitably get ideas above their station.

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Sep 17 16 12:29 PM

nfm24 wrote:
We should never have allowed them the privilege of re-affiliating us after the war, and should certainly never have allowed foreigners to take over the administration, as they inevitably get ideas above their station.
Pip pip and hoorah! smiley: ohwell

If you've ever seen the cinematic enigma that is United Passions, you'll be aware at how poorly those foreigns portray us, trying to make us out to be a bunch of unenlightened fools just for stating a few simple truths like how that 'World Cup' thing will never catch on and I should probably stop before I get to the racist parts...

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Sep 17 16 8:19 PM

I would like to see a film of the same story as "United Passions" from the opposite perspective, e.g. portraying Rous in the style of the last Governor of an ever more unstable colony in the final days of Empire, trying desperately to maintain good old British order while chaos unfolds beyond his veranda. The film would nostalgically remember a clean halcyon gentlemans' club-esque sport where Corinthian ideals still held (and the riff-raff kept well out), with an incredulous Rous trying desperately to keep things as they are but consequently unable to offer tangible benefits to new/poor members who are easily corrupted by the evil Havelange and his pro-sell-out cronies.

The final reel sees Rous, a beaten and now irrelevant man, forced by protocol to preside over his own demise knowing that the past had been lost, trudging off into the distance holding a forlorn football under his arm, in a manner reminiscent of Chris Patten in 1997 ( )

Of course, we'll leave out the bit about Rous's favourable dealings with the apartheid South Africans as that would just get in the way of the story.

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Mar 26 17 6:52 PM

mattsanger92 wrote:
On an unrelated note, loving that the Welsh FA have given their slogan a topical update, although it might confuse some of the less bright members of the social media population, #709ERHER57R0N93R smiley: wink:
Putting all bias aside, "Together Stronger" is a great slogan, short, to the point, and representative of what the team's been about in recent years (although having Gareth Bale helps).

I only bring this up because I've just seen the Scotland team walk out under their FA logo placed next to the words "This Time". smiley: roll

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