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#81 [url]

Oct 14 16 4:20 PM

nfm24 wrote:
You just need to give Jack Warner your undivided "loyalty", and grow a palm tree somewhere on your territory.
Yikes, that would be painful smiley: sick... the palm tree thing doesn't sound so good either.

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#84 [url]

Nov 14 16 7:17 PM

Another problem.

Haiti think they should have qualified to the Fifth place playoff.
Antigua qualified.



Haiti think they should've qualified on 7) A) iii
Antigua have qualified on 7) C) iii

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#85 [url]

Nov 14 16 8:15 PM

Yes - strange rules, but Antigua do indeed go through.

7(a) and 7(b) refer only to dividing teams who finish equal within the same group. 7(c) is across groups.

Haiti were apparently unaware of this, and apparently the Saint Kitts - Haiti match only came to life in extra time, with Haiti thinking they needed a 2-goal win to go through (and having 30 minutes to do so), and St. Kitts also believing a 1-goal win would see them through, when in reality, they had both knocked themselves out by playing a draw in regulation time.

Last Edited By: TheRoonBa Nov 14 16 8:17 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#86 [url]

Nov 14 16 11:53 PM

As Mark says 7.c.iii would take priority in comparing teams from different groups, even though the wording is a bit ambiguous. The change of tie-breaker order between 7a and 7c is presumably to avoid comparing goals-scored by teams which played different number of minutes. Or something. Really, it could be anything. The whole tournament and its rules are basically the equivalent of a second hand Ikea flat pack furniture assembly, with a manual which turns out to be from a different unit, and with insufficient screws, but a surfeit of nuts. Or something, again.

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#87 [url]

Nov 15 16 10:01 AM

Curacao, French Guiana and Martinique previously secured Gold Cup spots, while the Caribbean’s last possible berth will be decided in a round-robin playoff between Haiti, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago – three of the four best second-place sides.

The Haitians (1-0-1, 3) captured second place in Group 2 thanks to a 2-0 win after extra time over host St. Kitts & Nevis at Warner Park Stadium, also on Sunday. Wilde-Donald Guerrier (102’) and Duckens Nazon (119’) netted for Les Grenadiers, who played in the last two Gold Cups.

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#90 [url]

Nov 15 16 7:55 PM

Matches will be in January. Haiti confirmed as qualifiers here too. Rules are completely unclear, but I don't know if Antigua & Barbuda will appeal.

4.1 T&T v Suriname
6.1 Suriname v Haiti
8.1 Haiti v T&T

Would be good to see Suriname in the Gold Cup for a change.

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#91 [url]

Nov 15 16 8:23 PM

General Secretary of the CFU, Neil Cochrane, said he has asked that the matter be reviewed.

“What I have asked for is an independent review because Antigua has lodged an official — I don’t want to say complaint — but they are also questioning the interpretation of the rule. They are saying that the original interpretation is the appropriate interpretation based upon where we are and the circumstances prescribed in the rules and regulations,” he said.

Reports are that the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) has filed an official protest, asking that the format used be revisited. CONCACAF has reportedly agreed and is putting together a committee to look into the matter and make a ruling.

Cochrane’s request of the CFU would have of a similar nature.

“I am going to ask my head of competitions to ask the head of competitions for CONCACAF to make a ruling on that and then we just go from there because I would not want to, based upon where I am from, I am not going to make such a decision, I will make that decision come from the head of competition from CONCACAF,” he said.

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#92 [url]

Nov 15 16 9:12 PM

Blue Lou wrote:
I am going to ask my head of competitions
He'll have to wait until his head of competitions has been washed and peeled.



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#93 [url]

Nov 17 16 12:57 AM

How many incompetent football administrators do we think will be sacked as a result of this fiasco?
These days players are suspended or fined for obscure misdemeanours (and often fined less for more serious ones), but administrators can be fundamentally idiotic and still claim their fat expenses.

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#94 [url]

Nov 17 16 12:59 PM

"Reports are that the process could take up to a week before it’s completed."

Wow, a week to read your own rules...Wonder how long it took to write them?

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#95 [url]

Nov 17 16 1:18 PM

Dithering 1, Decisiveness 0.

I don't think I can remember quite such a shambles within one tournament, except possibly the Quaid-e-Azam Cup of 1976.
Somehow Steve McClaren must be involved.

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#96 [url]

Nov 17 16 1:46 PM

writing goes faster than reading in CONCACAF

what is the problem with groups of 4 or 5 teams if this cup is played over more then a year?     I like simple rules but it seems a lot of FA's and confederations like rules the fans do not understand. It is also  the  case in Belgium first two divisions......a lot of play offs and even teams of the second division (1B!!!) can qualify for the Europa League...

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#97 [url]

Nov 17 16 2:36 PM

It is the same reason that in England the leagues are called Premier League (1st level), Championship (2nd level), League 1 (3rd level), League 2 (4th level), National League (5th level).

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#100 [url]

Nov 24 16 9:50 PM

Antigua should have gone through, as Haiti didn't actually win a game in normal time. But that's what happens when you equate wins in regulation with wins in extra time. Haiti played for the draw with Saint Kitts in their last match once they realised they might not have enough time to score 2 goals. This gave them 30 extra minutes to find the 2 goals, which they duly did. Stupid, stupid system. How can you possibly award the same points for wins in extra time or penalties? It should be like beach soccer. 3 points for win in regulation time, 2 for win in extra time, 1 for win on penalties. 0 for a loss of any kind.

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