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Feb 23 08 9:54 AM

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1955 Douala: Cameroun-Togo 1-3

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Mar 1 12 8:53 PM

Obviously this match isn't regarded as official by Cameroon, but in 1998, just some days before the World Cup, the African team played a friendly versus the Italian club Norcia and won 12-0. The curious thing was that, during the second half of that match, Norcia fielded even Filippo Ricci, a journalist of the famous magazine Guerin Sportivo...

Source: Guerin Sportivo number 22/1998, page 29.

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Mar 2 12 1:24 PM

Can you write the details? Thanks.

Strange... if I was coaching a World Cup team, I would NOT want to play a match where there were total amateurs in the opposition, someone could get badly injured.

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Mar 3 12 10:04 AM

Unfortunately there are very few details. According to the article, the venue is "Stadio Comunale" in Norcia. The only players who are mentioned are Patrick Mboma, Albert Meyong Zé and Alioum Saidou (for Cameroon) and Filippo Ricci (for Norcia). The coaches are Claude Le Roy (for Cameroon) and Walter Boccolini (for Norcia). The date is not sure: the article only states "Sunday", but it doesn't specify other details. For certain, the period is the late May of 1998.

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Mar 8 12 9:36 AM

Hey guys, I've found a very interesting document. I've contacted one of the protagonists of the friendly Norcia-Cameroon: Federico Bianconi, who was the captain of Norcia at that time. Federico sent me this beautiful picture of that friendly. He told me that the official name of the club is A.S. Norcia, but unfortunately he couldn't remember the date and the line-ups. He told me also that Cameroon, during the half-time break, effected a massive turnover, so several players were substituted.

Thanks Federico for the precious contribution!


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Mar 12 14 10:39 AM

I publish some legendary pictures for Cameroon. They refer to the 1984 African nations Cup final. That was their first continental triumph.

Source: Guerin Sportivo number 16 from 1984.



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Dec 18 14 10:13 AM

Three rare pictures showing the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations award ceremony, with captain Roger Milla lifting the trophy.
This was the second continental triumph for Cameroon.

az78gi.png   2comnhk.png


Quality isn't very good, because they're taken from this video.

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Feb 7 15 10:16 AM

I share a historical picture for Cameroon referring to the celebrations for the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations triumph. For the first time, the new gold-plated trophy was awarded to the champions. This was also the last continental triumph for The Indomitable Lions.


Source: the magazine Match from February 23 season 2001/2002.

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Jun 9 15 11:54 AM

Just for information, Cameroon and DR Congo got "special permission" to play their friendly match today in Belgium. Ordinarily (according to FIFA rules), it would not be allowed, as they both have AFCON qualifying matches at the weekend in Africa, and it breaks the rule on intercontinental travel within a FIFA window. But being as consistent as ever, FIFA decided these teams could just break the rule anyway.

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Jan 15 16 10:06 AM

A wonderful picture from my archive showing the award ceremony in the 2000 Africa Cup of Nations, the third continental crown for Cameroon.
For the last time, the "Trophy of African Unity" was awarded to the winning team.


Source: Calcio 2000 issue 36, from 2000.

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Dec 28 16 10:37 AM

I continue my "celebrations" of the most important events in the history of the various National teams through my personal archive.
This is the triumph of one of the most charismatic Cameroonian sides ever at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2000.


Source: World Soccer Yearbook 2000.

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