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Jan 31 17 6:17 PM

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By accident I stumbled upon a website about the VIVA World Cup 2017 today.
The page claimed that the World Cup will be in Miami, will be supported by Eric Abidal and sponsored by Coca Cola, Red Bull, Adidas and others. It said to be played with 24 teams (if I recall correctly) in October 2017.
Of course the mail addresses and the phone number on the page were fake and the page was now already deleted again.
However, as the NF-Board is showing some (not necessarily nice) activity again these days, this might be something like a "dream" or "hope" for 2017. Does anyone here have any information about it?

You can still see the page in the google cache (the internet never forgets anything):
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Jan 31 17 9:03 PM

I didn't spot the 24 teams part but did notice their 'register to join tournament' button... we could end up seeing an unprecedented gap in quality between best and worst teams smiley: wink.

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Feb 1 17 11:37 AM

They give testimonials from 2 "participants":

Alexander Rios (VATICAN PLAYER)

I've had the chance to play the Viva World Cup in 2012 and it was such a great experience for all of us to share these moments and feel like any other National Team. We did not win the Cup, but Miami will be different ;)

The Vatican have never taken part in any edition!


At first we thought that we would easily with the tournament as we had a pretty good team with French semi-professional players. And honestly, when I saw the names and regions of the other teams, I was confident. In the end, we did not even won 1 game... We understood that it was not the most important, and that the moment we have shared altogether were more valuable than winning.

Brittany have never taken part in any edition!

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#7 [url]

Feb 2 17 8:57 AM

The WhoIs Registry says that the page is registered on Nicolas Coudene, the French and Miami-based of
It might be either a scam or a proposal towards the NFB. We will see what happens. I reckon nothing

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