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Sep 7 16 11:32 PM

Gordon Strachan on Maltese TV

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Feb 7 17 12:28 AM

Those need to be horizontally flipped... (e.g. Kimmich was right wing, and De Sciglio left wing-back etc)

You can see my attempt to complain here:

Their argument appears to be that their graphic is "correct" because it is based on an arbitrary UEFA graphic "published" online (before the game), and whether it actually has any factual meaning or accuracy was not a consideration. Unclear if thats applies to Wikipedia as a whole. Anyway, I do wonder about the people who spent their time drawing a graphic that they knew was wrong.
Funny that they bother to write the goal-scorers then... since the pre-game UEFA info states that the match was 0-0, before it began, thus 0-0 must be the correct version of the official result.

It's like the kid at school who answers the question in the textbook, and gets a different answer from the official answers in the back, so he just changes his last line to agree with it without thinking which one is correct or why. By this point he has lost the reason he was doing anything in the first place.

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Feb 7 17 1:42 PM

My arguments with Wikipedia have been various. They have ranged from people making assumptions about women's football teams because they are rubbish at using Google, people putting "fake matches" on Wikipedia and then saying they will stay because FIFA also has the same matches, and they are the "official source", and the "notability" of a mock chop (in line with other chip shop delicacies such as white pudding, which all get their own page). I was defeated on the belief that just because they are listed on many menus, and eaten by quite a lot of people in Scotland, they are not notable. I also gave them a recipe from a Scottish butcher who offered to help me prove they were real (many of the editors had even thought the item was fictional), but to no avail.  This notability criterion is a bit subjective.  For example, Justin Bieber is not notable in many people's view.

They seem to have a list of criteria, and no flexibility in applying them.

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Feb 7 17 3:00 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
My arguments with Wikipedia have been various.
Another good T-shirt slogan, I think.

It is basic confirmation bias.  People quote the "source" which backs them up, and ignore any that doesn't.  At that point they are no longer qualified to write an encyclopædia, even if they happen to be correct on the matter.

Kaizeler wrote:
[Edited to conform to the official answer on the back reality; I do know what went wrong though, I just got my axes mislabeled]

I did wonder if I had been watching the match by a reflection in a window...   Such heat-maps are also made redundant by early substitutions, e.g. in this case Schweinsteiger replaced Khedira at 16'.  I also fail to see how the memorable contribution of Zaza could be incorporated.

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Feb 16 17 5:44 PM

With the surprising lack of an official tournament review DVD, I suppose this will have to do smiley: grin:

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