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Jan 26 17 7:12 PM

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So the draw has been made today for the 2019 UEFA European U-21 Championship Qualifying, but notably San Marino are involved in the process despite being co-hosts for the Finals, their partners Italy will receive an automatic passage. You can make a million and one jokes about why this decision was made, but it does seem unfair that a host nation does not recieve the widely-applied courtesy of their team's automatic qualification. The ratio of stadiums used is 4:2 for Italy, but that's still a significant portion of involvement for San Marino and UEFA themselves mention 'Road to Italy and San Marino' in their article.

Barring a mammoth achievement from San Marino's young players or a UEFA u-turn (not sure which is more unlikely), a host nation will not be present at their own tournament, any other examples of this (major or minor)?

Only ones I can think of off the top of my head are the 2016 AFC Solidarity Cup, 2010 UEFA U-17 Euros (more the host Liechtenstein's own choice to withdraw, bit defeatist IMO), and probably at least one of Euro 2020's many co-hosts. Funnily enough all three of those are for different reasons...
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Jan 26 17 10:02 PM

Perhaps there were some cases where the appointed host bailed out at the last moment, but can't think of any right now. Have you ever heard of a website called RSSSF ? You might like it :-)

It happened a few times in the last round of continental/regional qualifying e.g. Asia 1984 Olympic quals, final round held in Singapore with 10 teams (not including Singapore).

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Jan 27 17 9:47 AM

That's even not a new rule. Italy had to play two qualifying matches against Greece for the 1934 Worldchampionships in Italy. After the 4-0 win in Milan, Greece withdrew for the return.

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Jan 27 17 10:43 AM

In 1932 it was decided Italy would organize the 1934 Worldchampionships. Italy played its qualifying match against Greece on 25-03-1934, only two months before the tournament's kock off.

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Jan 28 17 10:41 AM

There were rumours that North Korea could host some matches of the 2002 World Cup, but the project didn't come true.
I don't know if North Korea, in that eventuality, would automatically qualify or not.

pieter wrote:
in that time hosts were chosen after the if Haïti had not qualified another host was chosen...
You're right, thanks: I didn't know that. Only in May 1973, Haiti was awarded the right to host the tournament.

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Jan 28 17 2:32 PM

the 2017 Caribbean cup will be played in USA... 

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Jan 29 17 11:01 AM

nfm24 wrote:
Have you ever heard of a website called RSSSF ? You might like it :-)
Heard of it, tried and liked, but I think of all their quirky questions that are answered in the Miscellaneous section this isn't one of them, and to find out the full results for myself would require trawling through every single tournament in their collection, and while the content is great the navigation leaves a lot to be desired. Also I don't want to fall down the rabbit hole, got enough tabs open right now as it is.

Besides, it's more discussive this way smiley: wink.

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Jan 30 17 7:43 AM

Shame, that speech of his would have gone down a treat in today's social media era. The closest thing that this generation of football has to a self-proclaimed philosopher is Joey Barton...

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Feb 7 17 7:34 PM

mattsanger92 wrote:
pieter wrote:
the 2017 Caribbean cup will be played in USA... 
Considering I mentioned that the other day in the CFU thread... can't believe that one slipped by. smiley: indifferent

That reminds me of the Formula One San Marino Grand Prix, which was run in the town of Imola, which is not in San Marino...

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Feb 10 17 1:05 AM

The San Marino GP was always held in Italy.

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