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Feb 28 17 6:52 PM

DJLiesel wrote:
I accept that the idea's a bit 'unconventional', but nice to know I'm not the only one who's gone off on that tangent (the 'historical teams' are something that interest me, and "Europeans of British Extraction" is a mess of descriptions that I can't get my head around, what was that supposed to mean exactly?).
Don't ask me! I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. All they wrote me was something like "After the damn Brexit, we now need a team of Europe-friendly Brits as we can no-longer identify with all those backward Brexiteers.
Nope, that makes perfect sense now. Not that I'd be that directly antagonistic in setting up a representative team (see earlier: "Brexit voters buy football shirts too"), but I can see where they're coming from a little. Brexit has been... divisive to say the least (I understand the feeling that down-on-their-luck people want something to change, just that a lot like Tangoman in America, they've chosen to give more power to the people who will probably make their situation worse, luckily I keep being told the enlightement is coming and to stockpile for the new biscuit-based economy, so there's that).

"Europeans of British Extraction" as a football team I think might be a little extreme unless there's enough people that truly identify that strongly with the (confusing) label, although if we end up in a civil war or something (not that I think it would happen, but equally crazy things have recently) the prospect of that team becomes a lot more realistic smiley: indifferent...

And with Jersey's recent efforts, maybe FIFA/UEFA could soon get even more Britishness in their ranks.