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Apr 3 16 8:58 AM

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I think there are dozens of cases. These are the ones I'm aware of so far:

Ondino Viera and Milton Viera (Uruguay, 1966 World Cup)
Cesare Maldini and Paolo Maldini (Italy, 1998 World Cup)
Zlatko Kranjčar and Niko Kranjčar (Croatia, 2006 World Cup)
Vladimír Weiss and Vladimír Weiss (Slovakia, 2010 World Cup)
Bob Bradley and Michael Bradley (United States, 2010 World Cup)
Kálmán Mészöly and Géza Mészöly (Hungary, 1995)
Richard Páez and Ricardo Páez (Venezuela, 2004 Copa América)
Ilija Petković and Dušan Petković (Serbia & Montenegro, 2004)

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Apr 3 16 6:54 PM

There must be many in small islands where a family dynasty carries the team.

For some reason, Roy Bailey and Gary Bailey occurred to me but it seems wrong.

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Apr 27 16 7:17 PM

At the 2001 Copa América, Peru's coach Julio César Uribe fielded his son Julio Edson.

This was not easy...

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Jun 2 16 9:17 AM

Here I'm not sure; probably only a Cypriot football specialist might know something more.

15/08/2001 Estonia 2-2 Cyprus

Cyprus coach Takis Haralambous fielded Marios Haralambous. According to Annuario del Calcio Mondiale 2001/02, Takis was born on 25/12/1944, while Marios on 18/06/1969. It would be interesting to know whether Takis is Marios' father.
Online sources don't confirm this.

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Jun 7 16 7:33 AM

A member of the Cyprus Football Association told me that Takis and Marios Charalambous aren't relatives. It's just a homonymy.

At the 1976 Olympic Games, the Israeli coach David Schweitzer fielded a player called Moshe Schweitzer. In this case, the Israel Football Association confirmed me that David was Moshe's father.

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Aug 27 16 8:51 AM

This is interesting. At the 2003 South Pacific Games, Papua New Guinea's coach John Davani fielded his sons, Reginald and Alex. I've received a confirmation directly from the PNGFA.

Luca wrote:
In 2000, during the World Cup Qualifiers, the coach of Aruba, Marco Rasmijn, fielded a player called Juan Rasmijn.
I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect they are father and son.

In this case, the friends at AVB told me that Juan is not Marco's father.

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Jan 22 17 11:48 AM

nfm24 wrote:
For some reason, Roy Bailey and Gary Bailey occurred to me but it seems wrong.
According to my more recently gathered data, Len Wilkinson was the South African goalkeeper in both matches vs Rhodesia in 1977.

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