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Mar 16 17 9:39 AM

nfm24 wrote:
The problem with heavy-handed rulings made by people who don't really understand the subject (hello FIFA) is that you then have e.g. the ridiculous situation that matches of clear youth teams are counted as if they were "A" teams (because it is a continental championship match), whereas on the other hand matches between clear "A" teams are discounted (because it was an Olympic match or a friendly with some minor breach of protocol).

Working with reality is preferable.

World Cup and Continental championship are the most important matches NT's play. Compare this with league matches club teams will play. Let's say team A have already won the national league and want to save their best players for a CL match, so they use it to test youth players (or giving them extra experience). The league match remains official as it is scheduled as such. I will say if a match is scheduled as official A-matches (and that counts for al World Cup and Continental championship matches) it should be regarded as such as there are no restrictions.

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#942 [url]

Mar 16 17 10:08 AM

mattsanger92 wrote:

Fast Midfielder wrote:
Regarding Brazil. As they fielded an U-20 (some even say U-17) both Estonia and Finland got very cheap wins against Brazil for their records if these matches were count as A.
Going back to my earlier point, I'd say that was more 'very cheap defeats' for Brazil than cheap wins for the others. They entered a senior-level tournament and should be treated like that for the duration of their stay no matter who they put on the pitch. If a club in the Champions League puts out a youth squad for a dead rubber game and loses they can't just turn around and claim the result doesn't count towards their co-efficient.

Where I come from they call it very cheap wins as the wins were got much more easier as if these teams would have played against Brazil's full national team. In case of defeats we are used to say very costly defeats as you pay something as a price for it. So this may explain why we name the same things different. Apart from this I think I get your point. Regarding the Brazil squad, the U-20's (or even U-17s?) were part of the same squad. Just like at the World Cup or Continental matches where some nations field in their final group match their reserves to save some players.

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#943 [url]

Mar 17 17 2:11 AM

> World Cup and Continental championship are the most important matches NT's play.

This was not always 100% true (almost). In some of the examples of youth teams being fielded in continental tournaments, it was because priorities were elsewhere.

A specific example : Japan fielded a B team in the 1967 Asian Cup qualifiers, while the A team was playing friendlies in South America building towards the Olympic Games. The Asian Cup qualfiers are *not* considered as A matches by the JFA.

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Mar 17 17 12:26 PM

This looks like if - in club football - Ajax won't count a League match against i.e. Go Ahead Eagles because they field their B-team or against Achilles '29 for the Dutch FA Cup and don't award players a cap for these matches.

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