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Jan 27 16 2:02 PM

It was surely an exciting game. Peru had good chances to win an olympic medal that year, probably even the Gold. They were quite strong over that period: they won the Bolivarian Games in 1938 and, above all, the South American Championship in 1939.

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#103 [url]

Nov 4 16 10:29 PM

It seems there is no ruling on the 2 matches he played in the Copa Centenario ? Wasn't it equally against FIFA's rules for him to play in that? Even if it was not directly FIFA's own competition.

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#105 [url]

Nov 5 16 9:55 AM

The rule is very tricky. Players can play for an adopted country only if they have lived and played there for five years, and provided they have not featured in a competitive game for another national side.

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#106 [url]

Nov 7 16 1:45 PM

Ban all players who can't make up their minds which country they come from.

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#111 [url]

Mar 28 17 11:33 AM

I wonder what would happen if a team brings on an ineligible player as a seventh sub during a friendly. Is the match then forfeited or just removed from the list?

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#112 [url]

Mar 28 17 8:01 PM

There is no point forfeiting friendlies. The scores do not matter for any competition with third party teams, so there is no need to invent a fictional punishment scoreline. Including fictional wins in the world rankings is fraudulent.

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