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Mar 29 17 1:41 AM

Just reflecting on video referee goals (e.g. France vs Spain last night) - this will likely lead to errors in the reported minutes of goals. A goal is not scored when the ball crosses the line, but when the referee decides to award the goal - the latter instant should be used as the goal time (just as with red/yellow cards - the moment the card is shown by the ref, not when the foul was committed by the player). Normally these events are almost simultaneous of course, but with video ref delay we will see plenty of cases with up to a minute or so between the ball going in the net and the eventual awarding of the goal.

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Mar 29 17 8:29 AM

How do you want to deal with goals which have been awarded after the match? In Holland this happenend until 1962 occasionally.Team A objects a goal against Team B was not awarded i.e. in minute 37. They officially protested at KNVB. A committee investigated the case and award the goal. So the match did not end in 3-3 but in 3-4. The afterwards awarded goal would have been the 1-1.....

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Apr 10 17 11:52 PM

Hmm. Such goals are certainly in 90+N' :-)

Goals awarded by a committee long after the match has ended are not really part of the match itself but more part of the overall competition (league or cup). Such goals were not awarded by the referee. The phantom "goal" has a similar purpose as punishing a team by removing points in the table. Just like a player being suspended by a committee after the match is not the same as having a red card in the match (e.g. Luis Suárez biting Chiellini).

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