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Jan 10 17 11:13 PM

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Victor Montagliani tells Jamaican press: "2017 is the last edition of 12 teams in the Gold Cup as we will increase it to 16 for 2019."
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Jan 11 17 12:35 PM

So, now I think only CAF has to announce an expansion.

FIFA: 32 > 48
UEFA: 16 > 24
AFC: 16 > 24
CAF: 16 > 24 ???
CONCACAF: 12 > 16
CONMEBOL: 10 > 10
OFC: 8 > 8

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Jan 11 17 5:34 PM

A qualifying tournament would still be necessary (clearly, to get from 41 to 16 teams), but it would only really be meaningful for the CFU teams and maybe the 2 worst UNCAF teams.

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Jan 11 17 9:54 PM

Maybe they'll merge the two into a UEFA-style Gold Cup Qualifiers? Could do what AFC did this year and double early rounds as regional tournament qualifiers too, doubt there would be a desire from UNCAF and CFU to get rid of the most consistent tournaments in world football.

A full North American qualifying stage could also incorporate the non-hosting/holder NAFU countries. So basically Canada...

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Jan 12 17 5:59 PM

I don't think he'd go for anything with 'stan' in the title, he's built a reputation on that kind of thing you know... I'm partial to Trumpland because it's the perfect comical supervillan cliche (and also will be humourous in the north of England)... but he might try a subtle change like United States of Trump.

Or maybe given yesterday's allegations, New Weeland?

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Mar 30 17 6:33 PM

So CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani has this week come out with this comment:

"Do we really need it [the Gold Cup]? Is it just clogging the calendar for the players?"
Not exactly being a great ambassador for his organisation there... context is someone asking him about potential future Pan-American tournaments.

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Apr 10 17 11:24 PM

> "Do we really need it [the Gold Cup]? Is it just clogging the calendar for the players?

Excerpt from Article 2 of CONCACAF Statutes:

The objectives of CONCACAF are:
to organize and manage international Football competitions in the North American, Central American and Caribbean regions;

Admittedly that is only the sixth objective on their list.

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Apr 11 17 7:14 PM

It's a bit like the Ten Commandments then. "Thou shalt not kill", which should really be the main one, and perhaps carved in bold, also comes in at number six.

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Apr 11 17 9:47 PM

It's like any "to do" list. You start with the stuff that's on the top of your head, but by halfway down you've run out of worthwhile things to add so you just fill the rest with redundant/obvious stuff you would be doing anyway, in order to make it seem like your life has any meaning or purpose.

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Apr 12 17 8:21 AM

that name (The Football Confederation) has disappeared and I hope it will stay there
Gold Cup: 16 teams; OK but only every 4 years and the qualifiers can replace the planned Nations Cup....

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Apr 12 17 9:24 AM

In the World Soccer Yearbook 2000,  the denomination is "The Football Confederation". Initially I did not understand what it meant, then I realized that it referred to the name adopted by CONCACAF at the beginning of the 2000s.

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