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Apr 17 17 8:16 AM

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This subject needs some revision, in RSSSF.
1 Bermuda vs Mexico.
   These matches didn't count "as  Olympic Games 1972 qualifiers". The two OG matches were played, in 1971, in different dates (23 May and 18 June, instead of 06 and 13 Oct).
2.All the matches of Final Tnmt weren't played in Port of Spain. At least two of them were played in San Fernando (Skinner Park), as detailed by E.F.Lugo in his "Mexico-List of Matches",
   recently posted on RSSSF.
3.And other matches, probably, were played in San Fernando. But which of them?   
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Apr 18 17 10:30 PM

1. The CONCACAF qualifying matches between Bermuda and Mexico were on 3rd Oct (0-2) and 13th Oct 1971 (4-0).

2. True.

3. Four matches were played in San Fernando.

4. One match was played in Arima.

5. The full list of venues follows (I assume this is what you want).

Round 1
20-11-71 Costa Rica      3-0 Cuba       [Queen's Park Oval]
21-11-71 Trinidad        1-1 Honduras   [Skinner Park]
21-11-71 Mexico          0-0 Haiti      [Skinner Park]

Round 2
23-11-71 Cuba            3-1 Honduras   [Queen's Park Oval]
24-11-71 Haiti           0-0 Costa Rica [Queen's Park Oval]
26-11-71 Trinidad        0-2 Mexico     [Queen's Park Oval] (postponed from 25 Nov due to waterlogged pitch)

Round 3
27-11-71 Costa Rica      2-1 Honduras   [King George V Park]
28-11-71 Trinidad        0-6[sic] Haiti [Arima Velodrome]  [correct score 1-6]
28-11-71 Mexico          1-0 Cuba       [Skinner Park]

Round 4
30-11-71 Trinidad        2-2 Cuba       [King George V Park]
 1-12-71 Haiti           3-1 Honduras   [King George V Park]
 2-12-71 Mexico          1-0 Costa Rica [Queen's Park Oval]

Round 5
 4-12-71 Haiti           0-0 Cuba       [Skinner Park]
 4-12-71 Mexico          2-1 Honduras   [King George V Park]
 5-12-71 Trinidad        3-1 Costa Rica [Queen's Park Oval]


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Apr 19 17 8:28 AM

Many thanks, Neil, for your complete, detailed information.
Bermuda -Mexico qual. dates of 6th and 13th Oct, instead of the correct ones (3rd and 13th Oct) are posted on RSSSF. Does it mean that also the Qualification section needs a full revision?

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Apr 19 17 8:29 AM

I would say yes.

E.g. the Suriname situation was more complicated than written there.

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Apr 19 17 10:57 PM

Yeah but there are so many other tournaments which also need attention, who knows when it will happen. At the moment I don't have an incentive to work on this particular tournament sooner than its current place in my "to do" list.

But there are certainly non-trivial corrections to be made there. For example, the Honduras and Guatemala legs were on quite different dates from those reported in the RSSSF file:

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