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Apr 20 17 12:48 PM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
About kits (this one is off topic but very remarkable). I remember Netherlands and Brazil both wore their home kits at the 1998 World Cup semi finals. That makes it very odd that both teams had to wear their away kits four years before.

I noticed, that it is pretty seldom, that two matches at back-to-back worldcups between the same teams are taking place with the same kit combinations.

Examples are apart from brazil v netherlands 94 and 98:

netherlands v spain (2010 and 2014)
germany v argentina (1986 and 1990 ... 2006 and 2010)
usa v ghana (2010 and 2014)
argentina v mexico (2006 and 2010 where argetina wore blue shorts instead of white)

as for brazil v netherlands in 1998, the dutch home shirt was much darker orange than the one used in usa 1994. they also used white shorts in contrast to brazils blue, which made both outfits pretty seperatable.

what i wonder in this context is, how was spain allowed to have worn 3 different kits for 3 matches in brazil 2014, whereas any other team only had 2 outfits.

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