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Aug 9 14 8:47 AM

In this article one can read two players of Dutch top amateur team Spakenburg told in an interview with NRC Handelsblad 'a majority' of the players took methylhexanamine in the 2011-12 season when Spakenburg won the Dutch amateur title. KNVB is waiting for the results of Dutch doping authority.

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Aug 27 14 9:41 AM

Interesting. I confess the presence of Feyenoord in the article doesn't surprise me too much. I often take a look at the videos regarding the epic match of the 1969/70 European Cup, when they gave a football lesson to AC Milan. Well, I'm more and more convinced their athletic performance was impressive. Look at their rhythm: they probably took some "candy" before the game.
And I remember also in the post match interviews, some AC Milan's elements covertly expressed some doubts...

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#64 [url]

Aug 27 14 12:26 PM

The example was Feyenoord at the 1980 Dutch Cup final. However Feyenoord star Wim van Hanegem never denied he got some "vitamine" injections. He always said these injections made him run faster.

Most frightening of all is the story about the 1982 Algeria World Cup selection. Some years later it turned out meanwhile six of the players became father of eight severe handicapped children.

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#65 [url]

Aug 28 14 8:47 AM

Fast Midfielder, if I'm not wrong, a couple of years ago a famous Dutch doctor revealed that Feyenoord and Ajax were doped when they won the Intercontinental Cups in 1970 and in 1972. If it was true, it would be surely unpleasant, but not surprising: the so-called "total football" was extremely expensive from an energetic point of view, so it surely required some sort of medical support.

Who knows... perhaps in the next years we'll come to know that also some clubs' exploits in recent years have been conditioned by doping. And at that point I won't be surprised at all...

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#66 [url]

Aug 28 14 9:17 AM

This certainly won't be any surprise as over the past decades even many players admitted they used something. There are also a lot of examples FIFA ignored positive doping tests as mentioned. This article mentiones some cases FIFA did. Recently one of the Voetbal International reporters asked to himself in his column: we can ask ourselves: does football want to know they use doping? It appears they don't want. Reading all kind of articles about doping it looks to me that doping has been used all over the world. However, tests in cycling and athletics are much severe as it is in football.

Most recently we have Operación Puerto in Spain which also involved football. Dr. Fuentes has always told his clients were not only cyclists, but also some famous tennis players and footballers. The legal authoroties in Spain have already destroyed the blood samples, something you don't do if you have to hide something. Fuentes promised he would reveal some names by the end of last year, but he did not. Real Sociedad admitted they were client of Fuentes in the 2002-08 years.

BTW if it will turn out Spanish football used doping in recent years, I won't believe they were the only ones.

The remarks made by former Ajax doctor Rolink in this post is as clear as cristal.

Last Edited By: Fast Midfielder Aug 28 14 12:54 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#68 [url]

Mar 3 15 9:50 AM

The paradox is that only the East German sport has been (justly) blamed for decades. But, according to what we have discovered in the last few years, the West German sport was not cleaner...

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#70 [url]

Mar 3 15 7:31 PM

So therefore West Germans were just slow, due to their Western decadence.

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#72 [url]

Sep 16 15 6:10 PM

At the 1978 Worldchampions one of the Argentin players tested to be pregnant, which probably makes clear why the Brazilians at the time called Argentine footballers Sissy.

Scroll down to somewhere halfway and you will read: One FIFA representative was flabbergasted to discover that one of the Argentina players was pregnant.

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#73 [url]

Sep 23 15 9:21 AM

I don't want to accuse anybody, but I know for sure that the wife of one of the Argentine players (a great protagonist in that World Cup) was pregnant during the tournament. Were those facts connected...?

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#74 [url]

Oct 31 15 6:52 PM

In today's Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad an interview with Thomas Kistner, investigations reporter of the Süddeutsche Zeitung who published his book SHOT. He says FIFA denies use of doping in football, but Kistner has questions about theincreasing inhuman physical performances of footballers as the extreme running performances of three teams in particular. Kistner mentions Korea in 2002, Australia in 2006 and Russia in 2008. He also hs question marks about the miraculous recovery of David Luiz and Arjen Robben (2010) from severe injuies.

Kistner says he has no evidences..... Not the website article, but the newspaper article also reports it's according Kistner about time organizations as FBI will investigate. They can watch bank accounts.

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#75 [url]

Nov 1 15 9:30 AM

I don't remember well Australia in 2006, so I can't express a thorough opinion. I remember well South Korea in 2002 and Russia in 2008 instead.
Russia really impressed me in the match versus the Netherlands, when they showed an impressive rhythm. But in the following game, the semifinal versus Spain, they just collapsed. I can't express a judgement, but I remember someone said they celebrated too much after beating the Dutch, with too much vodka...
South Korea in 2002 showed an impressive physical form. I recall reading some declaration saying it was merit of injections of active principles of garlic.

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#76 [url]

Nov 1 15 11:00 AM

Luca wrote:
South Korea in 2002 showed an impressive physical form.
I also remember the freak decisions made by referees. In particular when Korea played against Italy and Spain. I don't know what kind of dope they have used.

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#80 [url]

May 20 17 8:42 AM

There also may be an opposite case of doping. Before the 1934 World Cup the Dutch players got a something which lowered their sexual appetite. Some Dutch officials were very afraid the players could not resist the beautiful Italian girls. This may explain why the Dutch were lustless against Switzerland, as their likes played that match having a lower testosteron level as usual. Nevertheless, the Swiss deserve some credit as in the 1934-1954 era they always finished with the top 8.

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