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Nov 13 16 10:21 AM

Yes, unless a cataclysm occurs, Argentina should get the ticket for Russia 2018, but at the moment I see a very negative situation for them: disorganized FA, mediocre defenders, a forward valued £ 75.3 who is never, and I repeat never, decisive at international level, scarce team affection, lacking personality.

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#24 [url]

Nov 14 16 11:59 PM

He made a mess of the car, using the wrong type of sponge, and then tripped over the hose pipe and injured his cruciate. I have loaned him to the local council to use as a lamppost.

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#25 [url]

Nov 17 16 9:57 AM

If you are interested, now James Rodríguez is available for just £ 63. He can be a good car radio, but I fear he can only play latin-american music...

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#30 [url]

Nov 19 16 5:58 PM

nfm24 wrote:
Can he do any gardening chores?
Pest control:

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#31 [url]

Nov 19 16 9:04 PM

Nah, he is from Colombia, his experience with tropical vegetation won't count as transferable skills round here. He'll have to just do the laundry.

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#34 [url]

Jun 11 17 9:28 AM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
Some remarkable facts. If all Luxembourg’s opponents regard their matches played with a B-team against Luxembourg as official A:

*Italy B 12-0 win on 10-04-1932 would have been Italy’s biggest win ever in a full international.

Yes, that would've been the largest win against an "A" team, but Italy surely fielded a "B" team. But I hope tonight we beat Liechtenstein 13-0, so that we can break the record and overtake Spain for a better goal-difference in the Group G!

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#39 [url]

Jun 15 17 11:33 AM

I predict New Zealand will not lose every game.

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