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Jun 22 17 9:11 AM

mattsanger92 wrote:
So of course cookie-cutter kits from the big brands are a thing even for the biggest teams, but you'd think they could put a little more effort in on the international stage...

Very similarly, over the 1990 World Cup, the goalkeeper kits of Czechoslovakia and USA were identical.

nfm24 wrote:
They should just go back to the good old days, when African and Asian football was still exotic, and we saw shirts with the country's name written on the front in large letters.

But nothing can beat Bolivia at the 1930 World Cup, with "VIVA URUGUAY" written on their jerseys...

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Jul 4 17 7:10 PM

Now we know why bad defenders pull players' shirts ... they are checking whether the player is on their own team! This explains a lot of the defending I've seen recently.

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Jul 6 17 6:29 PM

More on new club kits for the season ahead, Fiorentina have gone and done the (probably) unprecedented move of having five kits for the season ahead, interesting/excessive idea but design-wise looks like they just used Microsoft Paint on the same template, nothing much innovative there unless they'll be playing in those shorts...


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#66 [url]

Jul 13 17 4:59 PM

Puma have put themselves up there as one of the more ambitious kit launches of all-time, revealing away kits for 23 clubs at once under a common theme. They call this piece "Step Out of the Shadows" smiley: eyes (which was probably what Rudi Dassler was telling himself every day):

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#68 [url]

A couple of years on from getting the shirt sponsorship of the club, Heaven Shall Burn have now donated that space to the Wacken Foundation, organiser of a German heavy metal festival.

Not sure why something that's only held once a year needs to advertise itself for a whole season (guessing just by their site that they do a bit more than that), but I guess it was an easy decision for them to make with no price attached:


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Learned something new today - apparently those lazy cookie-cutter kits for lower-ranked European national teams by Adidas weren't all in some 'pile it high and design it cheap' scheme for getting as much presence in international football as possible - it still kind of was but it turns out it was more of a charitable venture between them and UEFA called the 'Kit Assistance Scheme', apparently doing it this way saved the 8 participating FAs €300k/year.

But now the contract is being taken over by Macron, who are promising completely unique kits for each team, sounds like it was a decent scheme already but this is a welcome improvement considering even the smallest of African nations are able to get their own designs.

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