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Jun 23 17 6:57 PM

pieter wrote:
in the other case: a goal is made when the ball crosses the line, it is not the referee or the VAR that scores the goal..I agree with Luca

In this case, how do you account for goals in cases when the ball never crossed the line at all?

The referee controls everything.  He says when a ball crossing a line is a goal, or when it is not a goal.  He says when to accept the VAR and make adjustments. OK, he doesn't "create" the goal, but he defines it.

Until the referee decides, the goal does not exist.  All that can happen beforehand is that a player can "claim" a goal  - indeed this is the origin of the raised-hand goal celebration, from the ancient era where goals had to be formally claimed to the referee before being awarded.

I will add footnotes, but it is tedious to keep doing this if 20% or more of goals are affected this way. 

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Jun 23 17 11:07 PM

VAR or not, there can be a delay while the referee talks to the linesman.

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Jun 27 17 11:06 PM

It isn't only VAR-type scenarios which lead to pedantic goal-minute anomalies.

Anybody who saw Australia vs Chile may have noticed the TV clock displayed in the top-left corner of the screen (provided by the FIFA TV feed) go haywire a couple of times in the first half.

To be precise, at 34.32 the clock suddenly reset to 0.00 and started counting up again until it reached 0.54, when it morphed to 35.20. You don't need a mathematician to tell you that six seconds were "lost". The clock then continued as normal until it reached 43.54 when it jumped suddenly to 44.00... the six seconds re-appeared, presumably somebody fudging it back to synchronicity.

All very pedantic, but the point is that the goal by Troisi was scored during the erroneous interim, when the TV clock read 40.58 (suggesting 41'), instead of the correct time 41.04 (i.e. 42').

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#47 [url]

Jun 29 17 4:53 PM

BTW I prefer Waldorf. His companion's name is too similar to a former football administrator.

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