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May 27 09 9:43 PM

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Congo drew Jordan 1-1 today. Fielding local players if reports are correct.

Next match is against Bahrain on Sunday.

Congo will play with a a stronger foreign based team against Corsica on 6. June.
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Jan 19 14 8:36 PM

I read a report that the Congo team vs Bahrain and Jordan (in 2009) was a youth team. Some conjecture that they may have been preparing towards the Francophone Games?

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Jul 8 17 3:53 PM

For the moment I am reading "Fantastique football Congolais" 1919-2000

Tropical games 1964 in Cameroun

Congo-Tchad 4-1
Congo-Gabon 2-1
sf Cameroun-Congo 3-1
third place game: Congo refused to play Gabon

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Jul 8 17 9:10 PM

I read (in a Congo newspaper) that Congo forfeited the bronze medal because some Congo players were injured in the semi vs Cameroon.

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Jul 8 17 9:24 PM

Actually the author of your book probably wrote the article I read, since he was a journalist on that newspaper (La Semaine Africaine). Sadly he died in 2012 before he could finish his manuscript for the book, so perhaps the published version is unfinished.

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Jul 9 17 5:49 AM

possible, they published the book in his honour...

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