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Mar 30 15 10:09 PM

So even long aimless hoofs can be profitable, if they are sufficiently long and insufficiently aimless!

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Sep 3 15 3:45 PM

The epic match Brazil-Poland 6-5 from the 1938 World Cup shows a disagreeing data about the goals scored by Brazil.

According to a lot of sources, Leônidas scored 3 goals, Perácio 2 goals and Romeu 1. But some other sources attribute 4 goals to Leônidas and 1 to Perácio and Romeu.In fact, several references report Leônidas as top-scorer of that World Cup with 8 goals, while other ones give him just 7.

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Sep 4 15 1:33 PM

nfm24 wrote:
How rude of me to assume that you were a hoofer ;-)

Reading this I realize that if a certain Al Bundy from Chicago (the guy of the 4 touch downs in a high school American Footballmatch who became a shoesalesman later) will read something else if he suffers dyslexis.

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Sep 12 15 7:17 PM

The first goal for Germany vs Scotland last week has been given to Muller by practically every source, but I consider it an own goal.

Muller's shot would almost certainly have been saved but it deflected immediately off Russell Martin, changing the angle to beat the keeper.    Personally I would consider this an own goal by Martin, even though Martin's did not make any action to play the ball but rather the ball just ricochetted against his leg before he could react.   The deflection caused the goal.
What is everybody else's view?

Last Edited By: nfm24 Sep 12 15 7:21 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 12 15 8:05 PM

It appears to me that for some reason there are no own goals awarded by deflections. If one of Müller's team mates had touched the ball he would have been credited, not Müller. A similar (kind of) occasion happened twice with Dutch NT goals.

Watch this video and see even both goals were deflections. The first one is awarded to Burak Yilmaz who mad the attemt, the equaliser to Klaas-Jaan Huntelaar who deflcted the ball.

Or watch this one, the 3-1 was a Huntelaar shot deflected by Memphis Depay, the latter was credited for the goal. But the 3-3 was awarded to the one who shot the ball, not the one who deflected the ball.

I would say award the goal to the player who has made the attempt to score, not the one who deflected the ball even though it is a decisive deflection.

Last Edited By: Fast Midfielder Sep 12 15 8:17 PM. Edited 2 times.

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Sep 15 15 12:45 AM

But then we have to decide what is a deflection, and what is an action (more than a deflection). "Deflection" suggests involuntary.

I tend to think that just making an attempt to score is not enough to be awarded the goal. To score a clear goal is to thoroughly beat the other team's goalkeeper and defenders. But in Muller's case he took a quite weak shot which was never going to be a goal without some kind of major input by another player. But of course, it is a subjective decision to say what is "never going to be a goal", or what is "major input".

And there is the unlikely scenario in which an attacker deliberately plays the ball against a defender in order to force an own-goal...

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Sep 15 15 12:55 AM

Burak : a hard shot in the box towards the corner (away from the keeper), we can say it may have been a goal without the deflection
Sneijder : shot outside the box towards the keeper, probably not a goal without Huntelaar's input

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Sep 15 15 10:47 AM

Of course, it is all subjective. In the first case it would be unfair to take the goal away from Burak and make it an own goal, because there we cannot say definitively that the deflection *caused* the goal. In the second case it is unfair to take it away from Huntelaar as it looks like his deflection caused the goal.
These two cases are marginal, it can go either way, so I don't really object to either player. But in cases of a clear and major deflection like Muller's shot, I think this has to be an own goal.

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Jun 30 16 11:43 PM

What about Renato's goal for Portugal against Poland tonight? Shot deflected immediately against Krychowiak sending the ball into the corner. Seemed like the original shot was more straight towards the goalkeeper.

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Jul 12 17 11:24 AM

Who scored the third German goal against in both 1926 matches between the countries?

On 18-04-1926 it was according to German sources Josef Pöttinger who scored 3-2 for Germany, according to Dutch sources it was Otto Harder.
On 31-10-1926 it was according to German sources Otto Harder who scored 3-1 for Germany, according to Dutch sources it was an own goal by Rat Verlegh.

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Jul 14 17 10:09 AM

About the 31-10-1926 match there is reported abou an  Eigentor which is German for own goal. This (Dutch) report says about the 1-3 Dutch goalkeeper Van der Meulen threw a ball to the breast of Verlegh which made the ball jumping into the goal....

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