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Jul 12 17 6:14 PM

I hate club football. It's rubbish.

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Jul 12 17 6:34 PM

club football is necessary to make players for national teams....  and I prefer lower division club football , there is a chance you find the real spirit of the game...

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mattsanger92 wrote:
Not to mention that including that one they have at least 4 'big rivalry' games going on, gives me the impression that they're getting desperate regarding my earlier points on this topic. An interesting subplot is that they've scheduled this at the same time that the knockout rounds of this year's CONCACAF Gold Cup are going on, hopefully international football can come out of this clash on top but it's not a battle they should ever have to be fighting to begin with.
And the clash happened, and if internet discussion is anything to go by, one game was about 3-5 times bigger than the other, depending on how you measure it. For shame, casual football fans, for shame:


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