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Feb 2 15 10:27 AM

It's always sad when a champion announces his farewell.
Cadel Evans, the winner of Tour de France in 2011 and of the world title in 2009, puts an end to his career at the age of 37.
Probably the greatest Australian cyclist ever and among the ones I've appreciated most in these years.  sHa_clap2.gif

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Jun 1 15 9:25 AM

Congratulations to Alberto Contador, after winning the 2015 Giro d'Italia, his second success in this race.
But the Italian cycling has found a new champion: Fabio Aru. Remember this name for the next years.

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Jul 4 15 8:37 AM

Allez allez allez, vive le Tour de France!!!

I think this year it can be one of the most exciting editions in the last decade, as there are at least four athletes having great chances to conquer the victory.
I consider Vincenzo Nibali to be the most probable favourite. He's in great fitness and he's also supported by the strongest team. As to Alberto Contador, I don't know... He already won Giro d'Italia, so I fear he may struggle with fatigue in the third week. Also Chris Froome is in great fitness, but this year there are only 42 kms of time trial, so this can disadvantage him a bit. Another guy to consider is Colombian Nairo Quintana, a formidable "grimpeur". Last year he won Giro d'Italia, Tour de France this year is full of climbs, so I consider him as a very valid outsider.
I also expect something important from the French talent Thibaut Pinot and from the Spanish veterans Alejandro Valverde and "Purito" Rodríguez.
By the way, let's hope in a great Tour, without accidents and doping scandals.

Here are my predictions:


1- Vincenzo Nibali
2- Chris Froome
3- Alberto Contador

Polka dot Jersey:

1- Nairo Quintana

Green Jersey:

1- Peter Sagan

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Jul 4 15 9:18 AM

You're right. Tour is French, so "contre-la-montre" should be the correct term smiley: wink
Nairo Quintana is the loose cannon of this edition, last year at Giro he was impressive. Let's see. And let's hope in a clean Tour.

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Jul 6 15 6:24 PM

Tomorrow's stage is very dangerous: 223 kms and 14 kms on pavé. But I confess, in despite of all, I envy the cyclists, as the temperatures will be of 27°, while in my town tomorrow there will be 44° sSc_eek3.gif


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Jul 13 15 9:05 AM

Ok, so the first week has gone. Luckily there weren't serious accidents for the four favourites. For sure, Chris Froome has proved to be the best. Vincenzo Nibali had a moment of weakness in the first climbs, but yesterday, in the teams-timetrial, he recovered well. Alberto Contador and Nairo Quintana seemed to fly under the radar. They will surely be among the protagonists in the second week.

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Jul 20 15 8:59 AM

The second week has proved that Chris Froome is the king of this Tour. He seems unattackable, thanks to a powerful team that is always in his support. Sky reminds me of Lance Armstrong's U.S. Postal Service. Let's hope they won't come to a bad end as happened to the Americans...
Suspicions have been the true protagonists of this week. The most unpleasant thing is that such suspicions come directly from former cyclists. Look who's talking! They know perfectly how things work in cycling and now they're giving lessons of morality...!
Now let's hope in an exciting week in the Alps

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Jul 20 15 11:09 AM

Luca wrote:

Now let's hope in an exciting week in the Alps

Yeah! As a Dutch I hope Gesink or Mollema will win one of the stages. So far they are doing very well as all cyclists who are ranked higher than them are generally considered as better cyclists.

My deepest respect is for Laurens ten Dam, who did very wel in the heavy Pyrenees stages, after making some heavy falls before.

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Jul 27 15 8:55 AM

Sadly, Tour is over. Really an exciting edition. Chris Froome built his triumph on the Pyrenees, but at least in the Alpine stages he proved to be more "human". Great the second place for Nairo Quintana, but, in my opinion, he decided to attack when it was too late. This year he was favoured by the fact that there weren't time-trials. In the next editions the situation may change for him. Alberto Contador's 5th place proves that in today's cycling it's impossible to win two consecutive long races. In fact the last one was Marco Pantani in 1998 (Giro d'Italia and Tour de France). Very remarkable the growth of the British cycling. This country has never had great traditions in this sport, but in the last years it has seen the exploit of three formidable champions: Bradley Wiggins (Tour de France and Olympic winner), Mark Cavendish (world champion) and Chris Froome.

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Sep 28 15 9:08 AM

Many congratulations to Peter Sagan, the new world champion. I'm just impressed by his action. What a great class, what a talent, he's a monster   sHa_clap2.gif

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#54 [url]

Oct 17 16 6:23 PM

Another masterpiece from Peter Sagan!
As to talent, strength, personality and class, I think he is the "Cristiano Ronaldo" of modern cycling.

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#56 [url]

Oct 20 16 9:31 AM

Will he ever be able to compete for the success in a big stage race? Someone begins stating he will, but I don't think so, as in mountain climbing and in time trial he is not a specialist and probably will never be, especially in climbing.

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Jun 30 17 8:00 AM

Am I the only cycling fan?
Tour de France among stage races and Paris-Roubaix among one-day races are my favourite competitions. I grew up with the unforgettable duels between Jan Ullrich and Lance Armstrong at Tour de France. Too bad that later we have discovered that the true winner of those duels was not sport but doping... Bored
But I keep loving this sport.

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#59 [url]

Jul 13 17 7:51 AM

Today's the 50th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in the history of cycling: the death of the British world champion Tom Simpson on Mont Ventoux.
The proof of how dramatically dangerous dopig can be.
I hope the Tour de France organizers will commemorate this anniversary today.


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#60 [url]

Jul 13 17 9:32 AM

not sure it has to do with doping.....

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