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Jul 14 17 1:11 PM

and this can be a factor for gaining FIFA membership....

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Jul 14 17 2:06 PM

nfm24 wrote:
I think all this nonsense will just lead to a tightening of rules, probably more unfavourable towards FIFA non-members such as FG and Guadeloupe etc.
I came across this tournament recently and a notable rule in there that Martinique were 'not allowed' to progress past the Group Stage. smiley: eyes

Luckily for CONCACAF's sake that situation didn't come up, but how hard would it have been to simply say the top 3 teams not including Martinique can qualify to the World Cup, and the next-best (in a 5th-Place Play-Off) goes to the Intercontinental Play-Offs?

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#23 [url]

Jul 14 17 7:10 PM

Yes that was particularly idiotic, and it shows that CONCACAF can be just as stupid when it tries to deal with such issues in advance, as when it waits for them to happen first.

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Jul 15 17 8:05 AM

I found out today that Malouda's last-ever match for France was on 23 June 2012, first one for French Guiana on 22 June 2017 (maybe Martinique were running on French time so it was technically the 23rd? smiley: wink), although not sure if the Caribbean Cup has the same rules, for the Gold Cup it means he definitely scrapes in under that 5-year rule, just a question of whether that rule is still allowed.

In the meantime, Honduras get to put on a demonstration of how to progress from the group stage of a tournament without scoring a single goal (I know it's technically possible to do even without a forefit win but still).

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Jul 15 17 8:13 AM

one of the other third placed teams can feel very unfair Honduras has 4pts otherwise only now they are pretty sure to go to the qf' this fait?

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Jul 16 17 11:30 AM

Group C
1 Mexico (A)211031+24Advance to knockout stage
2 Jamaica (A)211020+24
3 El Salvador21013303Possible knockout stage
4 Curaçao200204−40
Updated to match(es) played on July 13, 2017. Source: CONCACAF
Rules for classification: Group stage tiebreakers
(A) Advance to a further round.

So the first match of the double-header in San Antonio today is between Jamaica and El Salvador, and a draw or better guarantees the latter a Quarter-Final place (and they could get it still with a 1-goal defeat). Curacao would need to beat Mexico by two goals anyway to have any chance but it might be over before then.

Ranking of third-placed teams

The best two third-placed teams which advance to the knockout stage must play the winners from another group in the quarter-finals.[8]

1A Honduras (A)311131+24Advance to knockout stage
2C El Salvador21013303
3B Martinique310246−23
Updated to match(es) played on July 15, 2017. Source: CONCACAF
Rules for classification: 1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goals scored; 4) Drawing of lots.
(A) Advance to a further round.

This would also unfortunately eliminate Martinique, who would be through ahead of Honduras if that match was allowed to stand, ironic that they might not get through thanks to the shenanigans involving their French cousins...

Last Edited By: mattsanger92 Jul 16 17 11:37 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#32 [url]

I approve of any rule which allows Brad Guzan to be punted out of the tournament. England fans could only dream of such a rule for Joe Hart.

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