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Sep 3 13 9:41 AM

An interesting case from Asia: the Ghanian striker Godfred Karikari is a member of the Hong Kong National team.

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#102 [url]

Sep 3 13 11:51 AM

Singapore has a few:
Shi Jiayi (China)
Qiu Li (China)
Fahrudin Mustafić (Serbia)
Daniel Bennett (England)
Aleksandar Đurić (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

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#103 [url]

Sep 3 13 8:28 PM

Can't believe no-one mentioned Duric before this (including myself smiley: wink), his age was a noticable factor as well, and Singapore is naturally fully of examples as above.

For the equivalent of someone dropping a heavy book on the desk, this list is all 'naturalised':

And another example that I don't think anyone's picked up on: Joe Gaetgens (Haiti > USA).

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#104 [url]

Sep 4 13 11:13 AM

" In 2009, South African journalist Mark Gleeson wrote that CAF and FIFA overlook the incidents as they are low profile"

They are so low profile that they have their own Wikipedia page. Will CAF and FIFA continue to overlook them? Probably...

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#105 [url]

Sep 5 13 12:42 PM

Pretty much anything has its own Wikipedia page though.

USA has had plenty of such cases particularly during the NASL days. Mike Renshaw is a noteable one, as he was not even a legal citizen.
Indonesia has also taken to fielding several naturalized players recently.
For certain countries, there are so many cases that it's hardly worth bothering to consider the issue.

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Mar 6 14 10:43 AM

A new "Oriundo" for the Italian National team: Gabriel Alejandro Paletta, a good centre-back from Argentina.

I don't understand the Argentinians... I don't think their defenders are so better than Paletta, nevertheless they have always ignorated him...

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#107 [url]

Mar 13 14 10:42 PM

There is a possibility that Nemanja Gudelj will switch from Serbian NT to Dutch NT. Gudelj, who made his full international debut for Serbia against Ireland last week has been born in Serbia but grew up in Netherlands.He has both a Dutch and Serb passport.

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#108 [url]

Mar 14 14 12:09 AM

I am against people changing their minds and teams in this manner. These are adults - they should be able to make up their minds and stick with their choice.

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#109 [url]

Mar 14 14 8:45 AM

I have more problems with players who arrive in a country when they are a professional player already and decide to play for a country where they didn't grew up, like the many Brazilian players who appeared for various countries all over the world.

Actually I was very surprised to read Nemanja Gudelj probably wants to switch to Dutch NT. This oportunity also came because of Kevin Strootman's heavy injury. Suddenly Gudelj get a chance to play at a World Cup tournament. Personally I agree if people stick with their choice when they have decided for which coutry to play A-internationals.

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#110 [url]

Mar 14 14 10:08 AM

If rules were more rigorous and clearer, such cases wouldn't happen.

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#111 [url]

Mar 15 14 2:13 AM

True - unfortunately rules are necessary for what should be straightforward. Playing for your national team should be about national pride, and nothing else.

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#112 [url]

Mar 18 14 4:59 PM

Some place names corrections:

Thadée (Thadeusz) Cisowski (Laskiv 1927) - Łasków, Hrubieszów county, Lublin voivodship
André Jacowski (Wiativice 1922) - Wiatowice, Wieliczka county, Little Poland voidoship
Edouard Kargu Kargulewicz (Gorki 1925) - obviously Górki, but the exact location is unknown. There are almost 30 localities in Poland with that name (excluding those outside the 1925 borders).
Ignace Kowalczyk (Kastrop 1913) - Castorp-Rauxel, Recklighausen county, North Rhine-Westphalia
Jean Swiatek (Dusnik 1921) - possibly Duszniki, Sieradz county, Łódź voivodship
Bolek Tempowski (Dombrowa 1921) - Dąbrowa Górnicza (German Dombrowa), county town in Silesian voivodship

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#113 [url]

Mar 27 14 5:35 PM

Cristian Arrieta (American/Italian) PUERTO RICO
Charyl Chappuis (born in Switzerland) THAILAND
Jamie Waite (born in England) THAILAND
Peter Lang (born in Switzerland) THAILAND
Chhunly Pagenburg (born in Germany) CAMBODIA
Billy Ketkeophomphone (born in France) LAOS
Samson Kayode (Nigerian) VIETNAM
Michal Nguyen (born in Czech Republic) VIETNAM
Mac Hong Quan (born in France) VIETNAM
Kesley Alves (born in Brazil) VIETNAM
Fabio Dos Santos (born in Brazil) VIETNAM
Niki Torrao (born in South Africa) MACAU
Arata Izumi (born in Japan) INDIA


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#114 [url]

Mar 31 14 3:43 PM

Victor Chou (born in Spain)
Xavier Chen (born in Belgium)

Godfred Karikari (Ghananian)
Michael Luk (born in HK but grown up in Canada,previously played with Canada youth team)
Jack Sealy (English)
Christian Annan (Ghananian)
Jaimes McKee (English)
Wisdom Fofo Agbo (Ghananian)
Andy Nägelein (born in HK to a german father, grown up in Germany)
James Ha (born in UK, has not yet debuted with senior team)
Lawrence Akandu (Nigerian)
Tim Bredbury (born in HK to british parents)
Colly Ezeh (Nigerian)
Ross Greer (Australian)
Leslie Santos (born in HK to british/portuguese parents)
Dale Tempest (English)
Charlie Wright (Scottish)
Gerard Ambassa Guy (Cameroonian)
Cristiano Cordeiro (Brazilian)
Liu Stephen Garlock (born in Australia, has not yet debuted with senior team)
John Moore (English)

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#116 [url]

Apr 20 14 8:56 PM

Moses Ashikodi (Nigerian) ANTIGUA & BARBUDA
Daniel Gordon (born in Germany) JAMAICA
Heinz Barmettler (born in Switzerland, previously played with Swiss national team) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Cayetano Bonnin (born in Spain) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Samuel Lustenberger (Swiss) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Mariano Diaz Mejia (born in Spain) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

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#117 [url]

May 31 15 5:27 PM


Karim Boudiaf (French-Algerian)
Dame Traoré (French-Malian)
Amine Claude Lecomte-Addani (French-Moroccan)
Mohammed Tresor Kangambu (Congolese)
Mohammed Muntari (Ghanaian)
Ali Assadalla (Bahraini)
Luiz Martin Carlos Junior (Brazilian)
Boualem Khoukhi (Algerian)

Last Edited By: SA May 31 15 5:30 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#118 [url]

Oct 26 16 6:25 PM

A very brief but interesting note from Annuario del Calcio Mondiale 1990/91, page 11.

January 11, 1990 - Liverpool's goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar, aged 32, wants to play for the English National team and appeals to the European Court of Human Rights. FIFA did not allow him to represent England, having previously appeared for Zimbabwe.

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#119 [url]

Jul 13 17 4:31 PM

So a splinter question of this subject, players that have played for a national team they had no previous eligibility for (no Qatar jokes please), or rather no eligibility at all (e.g. Platini for Kuwait)?

Inspired by the start of the Star Sixes tournament tonight and the fact that Maik Taylor (already an oddity in terms of his international career) is the official 'backup goalkeeper' for all 12 teams involved (at best he'd be eligible for 3 of them)...

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