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Feb 11 17 12:18 PM

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Hugh Wales played on 26-10-1932 for Scotland against Wales.
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Feb 11 17 7:14 PM

I think there are many cases:

Rinus ISRAËL (Netherlands) played against Israel in 1965;
Mike ENGLAND (Wales) played against England in 1967;
Luis MiguEL SALVADOR (Mexico) played against El Salvador in 1993...

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Feb 15 17 10:50 PM

Thanks for applying the bullet header to my speculative cross.

Similarly, as América is a fairly popular Latin American female name, I expect that one so-named may have featured against Trumpistan.

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Feb 24 17 7:21 PM

27/01/1993 Spain 1-1 Mexico: Miguel España of Mexico played against Spain, as "España" means "Spain".

But luckily there was a guy who played for the "exact" country... 11/07/1992 Solomon Islands 1-1 Tahiti: Solomon Vevoa appeared for the Solomon Islands.

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