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Sep 27 14 9:54 AM

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nfm24 wrote:
One from ancient times: the Barbados captain team for the Martinez Shield in 1931 and in 1933 was Arthur R. 'Kelly' Foster, born in 1890.
He played in the 1929 series vs Trinidad, which was therefore his debut (aged 38).

More interesting than this however is the fact that in both 1931 and 1933, his son Colin Foster was also in the team, and in 1933 another son Reyn Foster was also selected. These are (to my knowledge) the only known cases of father & son playing on the field together in an international match. Obviously I know about the Eidur/Arnor Gudjohnsen case as well.

For completeness, here are the matches where father and son played together:

12- 2-31 Barbados 2-1 Martinique Colin Foster (goalkeeper), Arthur R. Foster (captain)
13- 2-31 Barbados 3-2 Martinique same
16- 3-31 Barbados 1-5 Trinidad same
20- 3-31 Barbados 0-7 British Guiana same
26-10-33 British Guiana 2-0 Barbados same
6-11-33 Barbados 0-6 Trinidad Colin Foster, Reyn Foster, and Arthur Foster

Only in the last match did all three play together.
I should add that in the 1933 team were also Seymore Foster and Leon Foster, both nephews of Arthur. All 5 played together in the last match listed above.

In women's international football, we have at least two mother & daughter cases:
Bara Skaale Klakstein & Eydvor Klakstein (Faroe Islands 2012)
Irma Halaby & Melissa Halaby (NMI 2007)

Anybody know of any other parent/offspring cases?

The only cases I'm aware of, occurred at club level.
Matt and Bob Wilson, respectively father and son, played together and won the 1886 Irish Cup final for Distillery.

The second case concerns Juan and Alonso Bazalar, from Peru, who appeared together in 2008 for Cienciano.

This video shows the moment when Eiður Guðjohnsen replaces his father Arnór over the game between Iceland and Estonia in 1996.

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Oct 1 14 12:46 PM

Rigobert and Alex Song of Cameroon are often reported as uncle and nephew respectively. I haven't investigated too much, but it seems they are just cousins.

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Oct 1 14 5:38 PM

Arthur Foster also had another two sons playing for Barbados in the 1940s, Mike Foster and John Foster. Not simultaneously with their father though.

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Oct 1 14 7:00 PM

nfm24 wrote:
Thanks. Uncles and nephews, I suppose there must be many more because the age difference can be smaller.

It's even possible to be younger than your nephew.  That could be a wacky sub-section: "uncles who have played alongside their (older) nephews".

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Oct 1 14 8:23 PM

I suppose even a great-uncle could be younger, in theory. I wonder what the largest generational offset is in any family (going back at most 4 generations say).

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Oct 1 14 9:13 PM

Also, A.R. Foster's nephews Seymour (correct spelling) and Leon had both lived with him as an extended family, after their own father had emigrated to the States in 1923.
So they were almost like sons to him as well.

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Oct 2 14 12:39 AM

If lower divisions are allowed, Google tells me about;
Ian and Gary Bowyer at Hereford United (1987)
Henrik and Jordan Larsson for Hogaborgs 2013
Rivaldo played alongside his son Rivaldinho at their club Mogi Mirim this year.

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Oct 2 14 1:08 AM

George Eastham senior and junior, at Ards, mid 1950s. They even played together for an England XI : see
Aleksei Eremenko senior and junior at clubs in Finland in 1990s.
Gary Kelly (born 1974) played alongside his nephew Ian Harte (born 1977) for Leeds and the Republic of Ireland, and were both in the 2002 World Cup squad.

By the way, when researching this I almost Googled the phrase "mother and daughter play together" but managed to stop myself at the last second...

Also, what about female players who play while pregnant....

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Oct 2 14 8:42 AM

And what about male footballers who play while pregnant...?
It really happened at Argentina '78...

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Oct 2 14 12:17 PM

Luca wrote:
And what about male footballers who play while pregnant...?
It really happened at Argentina '78...

After all these years I finally understand why the Brazilians called the Argentine Sissi'sWink02

BTW I thought it has never been proven the urine of some Argentine footballers was from pregnant women. If it is, the Argentine have cheated.

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Oct 3 14 5:41 AM

Anatoli Davydov (father) and Dmitri Davydov (son) played together for Zenit St. Petersburg in the top Russian division in 1997. In total they played together 11 matches. Their first match against Fakel Voronezh was on 15-03-1997:

Alexei Eremenko Sr. played together with his elder son Alexei Jr. for HJK in 2002-2003 and together with his second son Roman for Jaro in 2004.

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Feb 22 15 8:43 PM

New case discovered: American Samoa women's team in the 2007 South Pacific Games.
Sandra Fruean Herrera (mother age 39) and Sandra Ivette Herrera (daughter age 18).

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Feb 18 16 8:53 AM

Another potential case is from St Lucia in the 1960s.
The book "Outstanding Sports Personalities of St Lucia" (Rupert J Branford) suggests that Oliver 'Smokey' Charles played alongside his son Collistus (Colly) Charles in the national team in 1967. I am unable to confirm (or deny) this. What I can confirm is that Smokey Charles played in 1965, and Colly Charles played in 1968 (when Smokey was one of the selectors). In between, I'm not sure.

The book also makes the fanciful claim that Oliver Charles played for St Lucia 22 years. And that another player, Carlton Felix, played for both Dominica and St Lucia over a 37 year period (!).
My info has Carlton Felix playing for Dominica in 1949, 1950, 1960 and 1961, and for St Lucia in 1968 but apparently not later than that. But obviously, I don't have complete data...

This book is full of apocryphal memories and grand claims like this rather than actual data per se, and a number of the other "facts" in the book don't exactly correlate to reality in a quantitative sense, although they are qualitatively accurate. It is worth noting that the book's author was himself a national team footballer in the 1960s and later a journalist, so it as about as close to history as we can get for these smaller islands.

Anyway, if anybody is able and willing to investigate these further...

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Feb 20 16 9:23 PM

Additional info from a St Lucia newspaper:

1965 (November) : "40 year old" Oliver 'Smokey' Charles captain of SL.
1966 (November) : "40 year old" (still?) Oliver 'Smokey' Charles captain of SL.
1967 (November) : Collistus Charles in SL squad, Oliver 'Smokey' Charles manager & selector but not a player.

I found no evidence that they played simultaneously in the national team. But at least we can add "Smokey" to the oldest players file.

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Apr 24 16 8:58 AM

Congratulations to Eiður and Arnór Guðjohnsen. Today is the 20th anniversary of their famous substitution!

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Aug 1 16 11:25 PM

Umtali Post 11 October 1957
There were two father-and-son partnerships playing regularly for league teams in the last Manicaland football season, the youngest son being only 13 years old.
Mr R.G. Dobie and his 16 year-old son Leslie were both members of the victorious Callies team which won the league this season and also the Machipanda Cup.
The second partnership has three members. Mr J.W. Nortje and his two sons Keith, who is 15, and 13-year-old Glynn. They are all regular playing members of the Raylton side.

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In this year's Island Games, Martyn Gilson-Clarke (age 37) and his nephew Ethan Gilson-Clarke (16) played together for the Falkland Islands.
The Falklands' squad also included 14 year old Jordan Betts, but he didn't get onto the field.

Three of the Falklands 2017 squad played in 1997 (vs Chilean clubs) : Wayne Clement, Martyn Gilson Clarke, and Luke Clarke.

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