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Jan 6 09 10:31 AM

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I'm wondering if Tokelau football team has already played an international match vs. a country, a region or a club side as they did in rugby.

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Jan 6 09 4:50 PM

No, they haven't so far. There are more Tokelauans living in New Zealand than in Tokelau, so it might be more likely that the first game by Tokelau will be played by these Tokelauans in New Zealand.

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Jan 7 09 8:33 PM

They don´t have a FA. I know this directly from someone from the island.
Football is just played in schools. But if they get independent soon maybe they will be more avtive in sports. Tokelau is supposed to take part at the next commonwealth gamesm we´ll see. No football played though.

By the way this is the national "stadium" of Tokelau, the Hemoana Stadium. No world cup on Tokelau in the near future

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Jan 7 09 9:22 PM

RSSSF.COM got emailadress to Tokelau Soccer Association :

Tokelau Soccer Association

[email protected]

Dont know if it still is working.

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Jan 8 09 7:24 PM

The guys from pacific islands are rough. The national stadium of Nauru looks almost the same.
But I doubt that Tokelau field is even big enough for a football/rugby match.

Nope that E-Mail doesn´t work anymore. But I got information from a Tokelauan. It seems to me that the FA mentioned on fedefutbol is one of a Tokelauan community on Samoa.

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