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Jan 10 09 11:52 AM

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This is a part of my football library


The Asia-Oceania Soccer Handbook
Asia-Oceania Soccer Yearbook 1986-87
Asia-Oceania Soccer yearbook manuscript 1988 till 1999
Oceania Soccer yearbook 2000
The A-Z of Asian Football 97-98/98-99/99-00
The international matches of Asia 1900-2000

SAFF Championship Pakistan 2005
Indonesian national team/Asian Cup 2004
Jordan Fly High (JFA)
The little red book of Chinese football
Soccer in China
Hongkong FA since 1914
Japan 75 years
VFF news 9 (Vietnam)
Red Devils-The 60 years history (S.Korea)
The story of football (India)
Stories from Indian soccer
Soccer in South Asia
Kyrgystan 2002
An Association with Soccer (New Zealand)
Blacktown City Soccer Club Programme (2)
Encyclopaedia of Australian soccer 1922-88
Sixty years of soccer in Fiji 1938-1998
Football Tahitien 2000 Annuaire Officiel
L’Histoire du sport a Tahiti
De sport en scores (L’épopée du sport en Nouvelle-Calédonie)
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#1 [url]

Jan 11 09 10:51 PM

Some extremely interesting titles! How can others use the info from these books now? I would personally be keen to get some (much) particular details. Are the books somehow available, can you loan them, make excerpts or copies and send it, whatever else?

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#2 [url]

Jan 12 09 3:37 PM

Some of them are still available in heart books, a international football book shop in Belgium, where I buy most of my books....
[email protected]

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#3 [url]

Jan 12 09 3:38 PM

I can also give a list of my Africa and Concacaf books, but I cannot copy or scan all of them.....

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#4 [url]

Jan 14 09 4:50 PM

pieter, are reported on some of these books the match details of the 1980 Oceania Nations Cup matches?

Moreover, I know that on the book "Soccer in China" by Ken Knight are reported these two Shangai matches:

1937 - Shanghai - Hong Kong 4-3 , in Shanghai
1948 - Hong Kong - Shanghai 5-1 , in Hong Kong

Is there written the dates of these matches?

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#6 [url]

Jan 14 09 7:28 PM

The Fiji nor the Tahiti book give teams that played the 1980 Cup. The Pacific games seems much more important for these nations, altough they give no teams and it will be difficult to find something about them

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