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Feb 1 09 1:17 PM

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Who was the oldest international player? Who was the youngest one?
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Feb 1 09 2:51 PM

Bill Meredith of Wales was 45 years and 229 days old when he played his last full international match. (Norhern) Ireland's Sameuel Johnston was the youngest full international debutant ever: 15 years and 53 days only.

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Feb 1 09 4:32 PM

Macdonald Taylor was 46 years and 180 (or 222 ?) days old when he played for his national team US Virgin Islands in a World Cup Qualifier.
I read it on and here:


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Feb 1 09 5:46 PM

I'm sure I've read that some African teams had a 14 year old player, maybe Togo and/or Malawi.

Mohammed Kallon was very young when he first played for Sierra Leone.

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Feb 2 09 10:38 AM

I only found the oldest players in World Cups :

42 years & 39 days : Roger Milla (Cameroon, WC 1990)
41 years : Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland, WC 1986)
40 years & 292 days : Peter Shilton (England, WC 1990)
40 years & 133 days : Dino Zoff (Italy, WC 1982)
39 years & 334 days : Jim Leighton (Scotland, WC 199
39 years & 260 days : Angel Labruna (Argentina, WC 195
39 years & 259 days : Joseph-Antoine Bell (Cameroon, WC 1994)
39 years & 145 days : Stanley Matthews (England, WC 1954)

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#8 [url]

Feb 10 09 8:43 AM

I found other ones. The age I give was the age players got during their first international match.

Diego Maradona (Argentina) : 16 years & 3 months
Pelé (Brazil) : 16 y & 8 m
Wayne Rooney (England) : 17 y 3 m
Ronaldo (Brazil) : 17 y 6 m
Uwe Seeler (Germany) : 17 y 11 m
Ferenc Puskas (Hungary) : 18 y 4 m
Johan Cruijff (Netherlands) : 19 y 4 m
Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) : 20 y
Michel Platini (France) : 20 y 9 m
David Beckham (England) : 21 y 3 m
Zinédine Zidane (France) : 22 y 1 m

I aten't dead !

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#10 [url]

Apr 9 11 7:20 PM

Clyde Best (born on 24-02-1951) played his first match for Bermuda at the age of 15. Source:

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#11 [url]

Aug 6 11 8:14 AM

Luca wrote:
Clyde Best (born on 24-02-1951) played his first match for Bermuda at the age of 15. Source:

The same source says he played 135 internationals and scored 131 goals for Bermuda. These figures are not very reliable as Ferenc Puskás was widely regarded world record holder with 84 international goals when Clyde Best retired from football in 1984.

In this topic you can read a - possibly - similar case about Suriname NT player Clifton Sandvliet.

Fast Midfielder wrote:
Fast Midfielder wrote:
According to the English version he scored 79 goals in 68 internationals for Suriname.

According to the Dutch version 84 goals in 83 internationals for Suriname.

English Wikepedia has made an update. Now Clifton Sandvliet scored 9 goals in 30 internationals for Suriname.

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#12 [url]

Aug 29 11 10:37 PM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
The same source says he played 135 internationals and scored 131 goals for Bermuda.

Whoever writes these things - unless you can provide *some* evidence (even a little bit), then the figures are meaningless. Clyde Best spent his whole career outside of Bermuda, and anyway Bermuda played few games during this period, even if we include matches vs touring clubs.

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#13 [url]

Oct 6 11 6:44 PM

I have just discovered a curious issue. According to the excellent website, Abdel-Karim Ezzat Saqr, from Egypt, was only 15 years, 112 days when he played against Austria at the Olympic Games 1936.

On the other hand, FIFA adfirms he was born in 1918 (rather than in 1921), so his age is not sure. It would be curious to know what the arabic sources adfirm about the "real" date of birth of Abdel-Karim Ezzat Saqr.

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#14 [url]

Mar 15 12 10:57 AM

According to IFFHS, in 1908 Aníbal Zapicán Falco debuted for Uruguay at the age of 15 years and 9 days!!

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Mar 21 12 2:32 PM

It's Non-FIFA but i'm pretty sure Alderney played a 14-year old (or younger?) player in last summers Island Games. Also photos whould suggest the Chechnya N.F.-Board team contains some very young players.

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#16 [url]

Mar 21 12 3:29 PM

One suspects that if a very tiny island fields a national team, it might break both oldest and youngest records simultaneously! Sark maybe, or some Pacific island.

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#18 [url]

Apr 6 12 7:59 PM

Kaizeler wrote:
José "Pepe" Brachi debuted for Uruguay in 1908.
Sources that commit to a year of birth mention it as 1894 (!?)

Interesting. Unfortunately the dates of birth of several South American champions are uncertain and it's also very complicated to contact the civil registries of those countries.
In Italy it's easier, so I could reconstruct the dates of birth and death of many champions of the past (especially several World champions 1934 and 193.

If José "Pepe" Brachi was born in Italy, I would have been able to find his correct date of birth without difficulties, but unfortunately he was born in Uruguay...

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#20 [url]

Jun 7 12 2:19 AM

Vasilis Hadzipanagis (26/10/1954) played the last (of the 2nd) official match for the national team of Greece, aged 45 years and 49 days.

14/12/1999. Greece - Ghana 1-1

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