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In the long list of Dutch international players one won't find the name of Anton Hörburger. Nevertheless, there are some indications that he might have played as substitute for his twin brother in the Netherlands 7-0 Belgium match, played on 10-04-1910 in Haarlem.

Both Anton and Arnold Hörburger were selected for that match. Arnold played his first from 8 full caps for the Netherlands. After half an hour, when Netherlands were 3-0 up, Arnold got injured on his knee and from that mment the Dutch actually played with ten men as substitutes were not allowed. After the break it appeared a miracle has happened. The injured player suddenly seemed to be fresh as nothing has happened. Both twin brothers never answered the question what has happenend during the break. Anton often replied he was not sure if he was Anton and Arnold was not sure he was Arnold as even their mother had difficulties to distinguish both.

From: "De Internationals - de historie van Oranje" page 144-145, a 1999 published book with all biographies of all players that ever have played in a match that is considered official A by Dutch FA.