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#61 [url]

Apr 1 13 2:09 PM

01/06/1980. 20:30
Italia - Hungary B 3-1
Como, Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia, 12.000 att. referee: Michelotti (ITA)

Dino Zoff-Claudio Gentile, Antonio Cabrini, Gabriele Oriali, Fulvio Collovati, Gaetano Scirea, Franco Causio, Marco Tardelli, Francesco Graziani, Giancarlo Antognoni, Roberto Bettega.
Coach: Enzo Bearzot.

Hungary B:
Gáspár József-Török Péter, Varga József, Komjáti András, Kerekes Attila, Híres Gábor, Májer Lajos, Burcsa Győző, Szabó József (70' Birinyi István), Nagy ?, Tieber László.
Coach: Várhidi Pál.

Goal: 13' Graziani,  77' Antognoni, 81' Bettega, 83' Graziani & 66' Varga (pen)

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#62 [url]

Apr 1 13 2:39 PM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
hungarianfootball wrote:
They approved a 1956 Portugal - Hungary match, but a few days after the Lisbon - Budapest (with the same players) is not.

Do you have the date, venue and result of that match? Also of the Lisbon XI line up?

Lisbon - Budapest 0:3
Lisbon, 55.000 att. ref: Campos (POR)

Lisbon: Gomez (goalkeeper), Yuta, Vasquez and argentine Mbelni?. It is not known to the other players.
Gellér (46' Ilku I.) - Buzánszky, Kárpáti (46' Lantos), Teleki - Szojka, Berendi (46' Bozsik) - Budai (46' Palotás), Machos, Tichy (46' Kocsis), Puskás, Fenyvesi
Goal: 18' Puskás, 32' Puskás, 83' Kocsis

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#64 [url]

Apr 1 13 3:18 PM

It was Sporting Lisbon with a couple of guest players.
República from the same day reports Sporting's lineup as:
Carlos Gomes; Manuel Caldeira, Joaquim Pacheco; Valter Brandão, Raúl Figueiredo (from Belenenses), Júlio Pereira "Juca"; Hugo Sarmento (Francisco Rocha HT'), Manuel Vasques, Newton Lopes "Miltinho" (Joaquim Silva "Quim" HT'), Mário Imbelloni (from Braga), João Martins

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#65 [url]

Apr 4 13 9:16 AM

During this match, Sporting Lisbon wore their traditional kit, as confirmed by Diário de Lisboa's photo.
A curious detail: Sporting's forward João Martins was the author of the first goal in the history of the European Cup/Champions League.

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#68 [url]

Dec 19 13 11:38 PM

Luca wrote:
Giampaolo wrote:Bari 11-05-1962 Italy B - Hungary II 3-1
(Hungary II was an unofficial NT)

I really don't understand why Hungary doesn't cite this match on its official list. Hungary fielded its best team:

Antal Szentmihályi, Sándor Mátrai, László Sárosi, Ernő Solymosi (István Nagy), Kálmán Mészöly, Ferenc Sipos, Gyula Rákosi (János Farkas), János Göröcs, Flórián Albert, Lajos Tichy, Máté Fenyvesi (Gyula Rákosi). Coach: Lajos Baróti

Source: Corriere dello Sport page 7.

Hungary was A-team. Very interesting is to compare Italy B-starting line up with the A-team that played Belgium two days later we van see Italy fielded on both occasions unexperienced teams.


Italy B v Hungary (in brackets the number of A-internationales played before the match, in bold those who were selected for the World Cup tournament):

Buffon (13), David (2), Robotti (6), Tumburus (0), Janich (0), Pestrin (0), Bulgarelli (0), Lojacono (8), Sormani (0), Maschio (1), Corso (4).

Tumburus, Janich and Bulgarelli made their debut at the 1962 World Cup. Buffon was the captain


Italy A v Belgium:

Mattrel (0), Losi (8), Radice (1), Salvadore (4), Maldini (5), Trapattoni (7), Rivera (0), Altafini (3), Sivori (6), Menichelli (1),  Ferrini (0).

Last Edited By: Fast Midfielder Dec 19 13 11:56 PM. Edited 3 times.

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#70 [url]

Dec 20 13 9:17 PM

So Hungary fielded an A-team. The situation with both Italian teams look very similar with both Czechoslovakian teams that played on 18 April 1948. There is hardly any difference in experience. To me it looks more that a selection of 26-28 players was spreaded over two teams even much more equally than both England teams that prepared for the 1950 World Cup tournament.

However both Italian teams performed very well. Italy A beat Belgium away 3-1, the Belgians were in quite a good form in 1962. Italy B 3-1 win over Hungary was also an excellent result as in 1962 Hungary still were among the better sides in Europe.

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#71 [url]

Dec 22 13 10:07 AM

La Stampa from May 12, 1962 reports an additional detail. They say that the game won't be included in the list of the official matches between Hungary and Italy because «The Magyars declared that this was just a friendly and they were just a representative team, not the official National team of Hungary».
Obviously they declared this after they were defeated...

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#72 [url]

Dec 23 13 8:07 AM

Sometimes FA's don't regard a match as official because the opponent's did not field their A-team or they assumed the opponent did not. However, all players of the Hungarian team have played official A-international matches before and with the exception of goalkeeper Szentmihály all the Hungarian players from the starting line up played at least 50% of the official A-internationals Hungary played in 1962.

Now I would like to know what both teams intended before the match. Did Italian FA initially wanted to count both matches? It appears to me as very strange not to count a match only because the opponents decided not to do so.

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#73 [url]

Dec 23 13 10:44 AM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
Now I would like to know what both teams intended before the match. Did Italian FA initially wanted to count both matches? It appears to me as very strange not to count a match only because the opponents decided not to do so.
All the articles before the matches talked about Italy "B" versus the Hungarian National team and Italy "A" versus Belgium "A"

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#74 [url]

Dec 24 13 12:44 PM

A similar sitation occured when England prepared for the 1982 Worldchampions. On 2 June 1982 Iceland 1-1 England B was played. I can remember the England team was announced as B-team, but later I found this match as A-international. The next day Finland 1-4 England was played.

From the starting line up against Iceland Watson, Osman, Devonshire and Regis were not part op England's 1982 World Cup squad. Neither were the substitutes Perryman and Goddard.

Regarding the Iceland match I read following: This match was originally to be a "B" international, England sending their "B" team as the full team was playing in Finland the next day. After Iceland managed a draw, the Icelandic authorities persuaded the English FA to classify the match as a full international.

Last Edited By: Fast Midfielder Dec 24 13 12:51 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#75 [url]

Dec 26 13 6:49 PM

Let me add some comments to “Italy – Hungary” Match.
In 1962, to finalize the squad for the upcoming World Cup in Chile, Italian FA (FIGC), together with Managers Paolo Mazza and Giovanni Ferrari, arranged some friendlies.

The players to be selected were spread over 4 Matches, in two week-ends.
1. First week-end:
05.05.1962 and 06.05.1962 vs France
2. Second week-end:
11.05.1962 vs Hungary and 13.05.1962 vs Belgium.
“De facto” all the four fielded Italian squads could be considered as “A” (“A” and “A Bis”, if you prefer), but officially FIGC labeled as “A” only the Matches on May 5th and May 13th. Therefore, the Italian squads on May 6th and 11th were tagged as “B”.

What about the opponents?
France, also, had to field two squads in the first weekend: “A” vs “A” on May 5th and “B” vs “B” on May 6th.
Belgium. On May 13th they had to host an “A” Team; so, no doubts: “A” vs ”A”.
Hungary, on the contrary, had problems. They had to field only one squad in the week-end, but Hungary “A” vs Italy “B” was not dignified. Therefore, they chose a “diplomatic” solution, simply labeling their Team as “XI” or “Hungarian Selection”.
All regular, I say; but very strange (????) that this Match is not listed in the Hungarian “unofficial” Matches.
Another Match (vs Italy) is not listed in the Hungarian “unofficial” Matches:
June 1st 1980, Como: Italy “A” – Hungary “B” 4-1 (prior to European Champ.). Another defeat for Hungary, another oversight!

Anyway, Italy won all the 4 Matches in the two week-ends, then they left to Chile, where they were “stopped” by some gross mistakes of the Managers and by the scandalous refereeing of Kenneth Aston.

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#76 [url]

Dec 26 13 7:12 PM

Giampaolo wrote:

Belgium. On May 13th they had to host an “A” Team; so, no doubts: “A” vs ”A”.

Very clearifying post by you! Regarding Belgium I have only one question now. Why Belgium has to host an A-team? Does this imply if Italy fielded against Belgium the players which they eventually fielded against Hungary this Italian team would have been labelled as A-team?

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#77 [url]

Dec 26 13 8:12 PM

1. First at all one correction:
Italy won three Matches (not four); in Toulose: France B - Italy B 2-2.

2. I repeat: the 4 matches were all played "de facto", by Italy "A" NT.
If the same squad against Hungary, would have been selected to play Belgium, it

it would have been labelled as "A".

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#78 [url]

Jan 3 14 7:42 PM

Hungary played on 14-05-1954 against an Amsterdam XI which they won 4-1. The Hungarian site shows no one was substituted but the match report in Het Vrije Volk reports: Hidegkuti was replaced at 0-4. Bozsik and Toth already had been replaced.

Amsterdam line up (preview): Kraak (Stormvogels) - Kerkum (Feyenoord), Mesman (Blauw-Wit) - Corbran (Blauw-Wit), Meijer (DWS), Wiertz (DWS) - Oldenhof (Watergraafsmeer), Dahrs (Blauw-Wit), Cor van der Gijp (Emma), Vonhof (DWS), Tolmeyer (Blauw-Wit). Karel van der Meer was the referee.

The match report says goalkeeper Kraak (Stormvogels from IJmuiden which belongs to the Amsterdam region) saved the Amsterdam team from bigger defeat. 31. Koscis 0-1. Halftime. Kocsis 0-2, Czibor 0-3, Kocsis 0-4 (three goals after half time within 10 minutes after the break), 1-4 Van der Gijp (just before the final whistle).

Kerkum (not Van Kerkum as mentioned in the article) and Van der Gijp were non Amsterdam based players and replaced Boskamp and Michels (the famous coach) who were selected for the Sweden v Netherlands match on 19-05-1954.

Last Edited By: Fast Midfielder Jan 3 14 9:51 PM. Edited 5 times.

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#79 [url]

Jan 3 14 8:54 PM

So "Amsterdam" had two players from outside (albeit only as late replacements), while "Budapest" had one player from outside, Buzansky (Dorogi).
But clearly, "Amsterdam" was nothing like a Dutch national team, whereas the "Budapest" team was obviously the Hungarian national team training for the World Cup.

It's strange to have Kerkum, i.e. "Mr Feyenoord" representing Amsterdam. I suppose it would be like John Terry in a Manchester XI.

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#80 [url]

Jan 16 14 10:34 PM

On 05-05-1957 a match Poland League 1-0 Hungary League was played. I don't see anything about at the Magyarfutball site. May be someone has the line ups so it can be confirmed this match was de facto betwee both A-national teams.

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