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Feb 18 09 8:42 AM

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Kathmandu 17 Feb, Six teams have been confirmed today for the first
Prime Minister Cup International Invitational Football Tournament slated
here at the Dasharath Stadium for March 5-14.Two teams from Nepal - Red
and Blue - will compete for the championship, said the organisers
Republican Sports Federation of Nepal (RSFN) at a press meet today.
While Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh will field their national
teams, JW Team will represent Thailand in the tournament, said ANFA
vice-president Lalit Krishna Shrestha.The teams have been divided in two
groups. Nepal 'Blue' are pitted in Pool 'A' with Sri Lanka and JW Team
while Nepal 'Red', Pakistan and Bangladesh are in Pool 'B'. The
tournament will be played in a league-cum-knockout format.Top two teams
from both the pools will advance to the semi-finals.Yogamber Suwal have
been assigned as the Nepal 'Red' coach while Baiju Kapali will look
after the Nepal 'Blue' team, said RSFN president Jayandra Chand. As most
of the players are busy playing tournaments outside the valley, the
organisers are yet to finalise combination for both the teams, said ANFA
vice-president Shrestha. In all 59 players are called for the closed
camp training.Meanwhile, the organisers have formed a 151-member main
organising committee under RSFN president Chand. The estimated budget
for the event is Rs 20 million but the organisers have not decided
whether or not to provide cash prize for champions.
Source: The Himalayan Times
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Mar 1 09 11:54 AM

Match schedule :

Jw Group is a club team from Thailand.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan is fielding NT`s , im not sure about the Bangladesh team. Nepal got two teams Blue and Red , I dont know if any of them can be considered as NT.

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Mar 3 09 2:28 PM

Nepal Red could be considered as NT, there are 11 players who participated in WCQ.

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Mar 4 09 8:32 AM

KATHMANDU, March 3 - All the necessary preparations for the First Prime Minister Cup International Invitational Football Tournament scheduled for Thursday have been completed, said the organisers Nepal Republic Sports Federation (NRSF) at a press conference on Tuesday.
The Sri Lankan national team arrived in Kathmandu on Monday while the other participating teams are scheduled to arrive by March 7. The Sri Lankan team will have their practice sessions in Armed Police Headquarters in Halchowk.

The organisers informed that Bangladeshi outfit Arambag is set to land here on Wednesday followed by J.W Team from Thailand the day after. Pakistan, whose sports fraternity just received a huge blow after the deadly attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore, is set to be here on March. 7. Security has been the major concern for the organisers following the attack on Sri Lankan players in Lahore but President of NRSF Jayendra Bahadur Chand assured that it would be taken care of. He said, "We have stepped up security in the hotels where the players have been accommodated. In addition, we have mobilised police personnel in those areas to avert any kind of untoward activities." Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is scheduled to inaugurate the event amidst a function.

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Mar 6 09 1:09 AM

I think its Sri Lanka that won 3-2, not Pakistan.

Also heard that all Pakistans foreign based players have refused to join up for Asian Challenge Cup qualifiers in April because of what happened to Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan regarding terrorist attack.. Since the qualifiers are in Sri Lanka, the players feel there may be a backlash against them despite security.

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Mar 8 09 3:09 PM

Arambagh (Bangladesh) - Pakistan 1-1

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Mar 9 09 11:11 PM

Bangladesh fielded a club side definitely. None of the Nepali teams should be regarded as full NT. About the matter I asked Malik Naveed who is well informed on South Asian issues. The only possible full international may be Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka if they happen to meet at all.

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Posts: 5,500 Site Admin

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Mar 11 09 1:34 AM

It says in some reports of the Nepal Red v Arambagh game that most of the Nepali top players are playing in the Nepal Red team, and it is also described as "the Nepal senior team", and is captained by the regular national team captain. Nepal Blue is described as the "second string team".

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Mar 13 09 11:23 AM

pieter wrote:
Nepal-Pakistan: does not seem an A-match to me .......... If Nepal FA does not name this their national team...........

Eloratings and ROON BA got this match as A match now. I agree it would have been much easier if Nepal could name the Blue team Nepal NT or Nepal A . In some reports Nepal said that the teams were equal in others that Nepal Blue is the "rookie team" . It is clear that Nepal Red is the strongest team.

Today :

Nepal Red - JW team 2-0

Final :

Sri Lanka - Nepal Red

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#19 [url]

Mar 14 09 2:30 AM

If you look at the Nepal Red players, it seems all are regular national team players, while Nepal Blue are younger inexperienced players. Other teams have done this in the past (Pakistan Green/White being one example, where one is the national team and the other is the national youth or B team). If England decided to call their team "England Whites" for one match, it would still be England, regardless of the name.

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Mar 14 09 5:56 PM

Final in PM Cup in Nepal :

Nepal Red - Sri Lanka 4-2

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