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Feb 19 09 4:53 PM

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Bernadette DEVILLE-DANTHU : Le Sport en noir et blanc. Du sport colonial au sport africain dans les anciens territoires français d'Afrique occidentale (1920 - 1965)
Edited by : L'Harmattan, "Espaces et Temps du Sport", 1997

ISBN : 2-7384-4978-6

Could be translate as this :

Sport in black and white. From colonial sport to African sport in former French territories of Western Africa.

I aten't dead !

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Mar 7 09 7:06 PM

My African books:


Confédération Africaine de football 1957-1987
CAF Directory 1996-1998
African Football Handbook
The African Football Guide 1996/1997
Le football en Afrique
Le Football: Sport roi en Afrique
Afrika Voetbalt
A journal of African football -History 1883-2000
Le guide du football Africain 2004

South African Soccer
Soccer through the years 1862-2002 (S.Africa)
Le Football à l île de la Réunion (J.Lallemand)
La mémoire du football d'Afrique du Nord
L'Etoile du Congo 1966 (journal)
Le Zaire en Coupe du Monde (1974)
The Story of Rhodesian Sport I 1889-1935
The making of Nigeria's Super Eagles
From UK Tourists to Super Eagles
Benin Spécial CAN 2008
Annuaire du football Marocain et Mondial 2002-2003
Football en vert (25 ans avec le onze Algérien)
L’odyssée du sport mauricien
Mauritius FA 20th Anniversary of the MFA
Guide foot 2003/2004 (Tunisie)
The national soccer league of Ghana

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Feb 23 13 12:13 AM

Are there easily accessible descriptions of national team matches / summaries of results?

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Feb 23 13 10:47 AM

Zambia: is about a lot of sports including football but only recent matches...

Congo: history and stories , some interesting games from the seventies some of them with full list ; club history (about 160 pages)
Mali: history from the beginning , also some international games with line-ips, but no full history (about 100 pages)

Both books reflect on the 1972 Africa Cup where Congo won and Mali finished second...

all the books has pictures of sportsmen or football teams

Anyway I enjoyed reading the two French books and they provided me with some results that I put on RSSSF (zone 2, Africa Games)

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Nov 10 16 4:06 PM

I'm unsuccessfully searching  "Michel Nait-Challal -  Dribbleurs de l'Indépendance. L'incroyable histoire de l'equipe de football du FLN".
Is there somebody who can give me some useful suggestion? The book was edited in 2008, but no copy (new or second hand) is now available.

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#8 [url]

Nov 11 16 9:35 AM

Yes, it helps, thanks.
Of course, is not a low-cost seller.

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