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Feb 22 09 4:48 AM

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in 2007, only Cameroon results didn't count for FIFA matches
in 2008, all teams (may not include C.A.R.) results didn't count for FIFA matches

how about this year ?

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Oct 22 09 5:33 PM

Tournament will be held from 20th-30th November 2009 in Central African Republic.

Central African Republic v Equatorial Guinea
Congo v Equatorial Guinea
Central African Republic v Congo

Cameroon v Chad
Chad v Gabon
Cameroon v Gabon

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Oct 23 09 12:10 PM

Yes. Cameroon will never field their top team in this tournament.
All other teams will also be local-based teams - so the likes of Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea will be without their top players. Perhaps only Chad and Central African Republic will have (almost) their national team.

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Oct 25 09 9:01 AM

Update from Congo about Cemac Cup :®pay_id=0&them_id=0&cat_id=6&ss_cat_id=7&LISTE_FROM=0&select_month=10&select_year=2009

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Dec 8 09 10:02 AM

Tournament started on 1st December:
All matches in Bangui

Group A
1.12 Central African Republic 1-0 Equatorial Guinea
3.12 Congo 2-2 Equatorial Guinea
5.12 Central African Republic 2-0 Congo

1. Central African Republic
2. Equatorial Guinea
3. Congo

Group B
2.12 Cameroon 1-0 Chad
4.12 Chad 4-3 Gabon
6.12 Gabon 1-0 Cameroon

1. Chad
2. Gabon
3. Cameroon

Chad finished first on head-to-head with Gabon

8.12 Central African Republic v Gabon
9.12 Chad v Equatorial Guinea

Final (& 3rd Place?)

As the tournament is for local players only, I don't think any of the matches can be considered A-matches, even though Central African Republic and Chad are in effect using their national teams.

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Dec 9 09 11:29 AM

All teams are using local-based players only. It is mentioned in lots of news reports that the "Coupe de la CEMAC" is a tournament for local players.

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Dec 10 09 2:40 PM

why are the CEMAC-results no longer mentioned in the results-section ?
CECAFA is for home-based players also, I do not see European clubs release their Burundi- or Zimbabwe-players in this season...

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Dec 10 09 10:09 PM

Pour le compte de la 6ème édition du tournoi de la CEMAC le Gabon s'est qulifié pour les 1/2 finales de la compétition en battant le Cameroun sur la marque de 1 but à 0. Les Panthères A' retrouveront le Centrafrique (Pays organisateur), alors que dans la seconde demi-finale, le Tchad sera opposé à la Guinée Equatoriale.
6 nations participent à cette compétition: Le Cameroun, le Congo, le Tchad, la République Centrafricaine, la Guinée Equatoriale et le Gabon. Ces formations sont composées à 100% de joueurs évoluant dans les championnats locaux de la sous région.

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Dec 10 09 10:19 PM

Semifinals :

Central Afr Rep - Gabon 2-1

Equatorial Guinea - Chad 1-0

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Dec 17 09 1:10 PM

Central African Republic (CAR) have been celebrating victory in the CEMAC Cup and are now trying to build on that triumph.

CEMAC is the Central African Economic and Monetary Community and the tournament brings together teams from CAR, Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

"Football was not really football here before", National Technical Director Jean-Jacques Ombi told the BBC.

"Now is the time to look for sponsors and partners, to really get involved in marketing our football and this result should really help us."

The last officially recognised match played by CAR was back in 2007 and national coach Etienne Kopo said Centrafrican football had suffered from the years of isolation.

"The government and the population have to believe in our football now", he said.

"They have to give us the means to bring on young players. This victory should really open things up for us, put CAR on the map".

Despite having a state-of-the-art, Chinese built stadium, Centrafrican football has suffered from years of neglect.

The national league championship is confined to Bangui.

The CAR's best players play outside the country.

Striker Hilaire Momi plays for Cameroonian side Cotonsport Garoua, as does defender Salif Keita.

Momi says bringing the CEMAC Cup home meant fulfilling a promise he had made to the public.

"They know me here because I was the top scorer in the league", Momi pointed out, while making it clear he had not given up on a football career in Europe.

"I was hoping to go for trials with Montpellier last year, but visa problems got in the way".

Home victories against Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville might make little impact on the CAR's dismal place in world football, joint 200th in the world with East Timor in Fifa's December rankings.

But fans in Bangui were adamant that the CEMAC victory was just a starting point.

"The game I just watched here was of the highest quality", said Mat Cons, a Bangui-based student.

"If football here is given the right level of support, given the means to flourish, we can beat anyone in the world.

"There has been no investment in football here - if that changes, this team can go a very long way".

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Dec 17 09 1:11 PM

"Striker Hilaire Momi plays for Cameroonian side Cotonsport Garoua, as does defender Salif Keita."

at least CAR are not local-based team

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