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Mar 6 09 9:08 PM

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On 12 July both sides played a full A international in Oslo (1-1). Does anyone has match details of the match both nations played four days earlier? Did boh Norway and Russia fielded their A national team?
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Mar 7 09 10:40 AM

I don't have the Norway lineup at hand (though I haven't looked very hard), but here is the Russian one:

Aleksandr Martynov; Nikolay Korotkov, Ivan Vorontsov; Boris Popovich, ?. Rossius, Aleksandr Filippov; Nikolay Denisov, Aleksandr A. Petrov, Aleksandr Krotov, Vasiliy Zhitarev, Vladimir Lash.
Referee: Andersen

Russia played in the Baltic Games in Malmo 1914 with an all Moskva team, but it was same team as played full internationals. Attempts had been made to get St-Peterburg players into the team but (disagreements between the two cities' associations prevented this).

30/6/14 KSV Holstein Kiel 7-0 Russia
2/7/14 Helsingborg IF 8-1 Russia

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Mar 7 09 10:54 PM

In 1913 Norway made a trip to Russia. Before they play on 14 September 1913 wit Russia (1-1), they met a Moscow XI on 7 Sep (Moscow won 3-0) and 11 Sep (Norway won 1-4). Was the Moscow XI the same as the Russian XI?

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Mar 8 09 11:22 AM

07/09/1913 Moscow (selection of best russian players based in Moscow) 3-0 Norway
11/09/1913 Moscow (russian players from Moscow second selection) 1-4 Norway
14/09/1913 Russia (7 players from Moscow, 3 from St.Petersburg, 1 from Odessa) 1-1 Norway

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Mar 22 09 2:50 PM

Norwegian FA gave me follwong answer on the match played on 8 July 1914.

We have checked this match in our arcives. This was an extra match, unofficially, called "Interassociation match". The match was actually played on 8.July 1914. Norway fielded exactly the same team in two matches, the official match on 12.7.1914 ended 1-1.
In the 2-1 match Trædal (65) and R. Maartmann (80) scored for Norway, for Russia the unmentioned inside left scored after 20 minutes.

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Mar 29 10 7:56 PM

You may find the answer here:

Fast Midfielder wrote:
To your information I sent a documentation to NFF about 12 years ago concerning unofficial matches which ought to be official matches. NFF Acting General Secretary Willy Simonsen found it very interesting, but they were very reluctant to change decisions which had been done so long time ago.
The following matches which are unofficial ought to have official status because the opponents consider the matches as official ones:
1912 v. Russia 2-1 in Stockholm, 1922 v. France 7-0 in Oslo, v. Ireland 2-1 in Oslo, 1950 v. Denmark in Aarhus 4-1.
On the other hand Norway consider some matches as unofficial test-matches:
1929 v. Scotland 3-7 in Bergen, 1952v. Great Britain Olympic Team 2-2 in Oslo, v. Egypt 4-5 in Oslo, 1981 v. Sweden 2-4 in Lahti/FIN (Indoors). There are several reasons why these matches were not official ones.
In 1957 Norway beat Denmark 3-1 in Icelandic Jubilee Tournament/Final match, but both NFF and DBU considered that three matches against each other in 1957 was too much. They had already met in Tammerfors (2-0 for Denmark) and would later meet each other for the Nordic Championship in Oslo (2-2).
Norway played in 1954 in Moscow against Soviet-Union and lost 2-6. It turned out that Spartak Moscow had represented Russia and the match are not considered as full internationals in either country.

see following topic

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Mar 30 10 6:53 PM

Game 3 July 1912 Russia - Norway planned by the organizers of the tournament due to the fact
(The match Olympic Games is written
that the original team of Hungary would withdraw from the tournament.
But the day of the match in the morning team of Hungary has agreed to play.
You could play Russia - Norway not to hold, but the team were already at the stadium and decided to play. was originally appointed to referee Ede Herczog (Hungary) - he was also the chief coach of Hungary.
So the team of Russia and Norway in the stadium, the game should not be done as a team of Hungary has decided to continue the tournament,
Match referee no. But once the teams are ready to decide to play in the Russian delegation was a man who knows the rules and to referee the game in Russia. Referee: George Richard Bayness (England).
In Russia at that time to set up factories and the factory is worked as an engineer many Englishmen, it was economically beneficial for all, they engendered a football in Russia.
Half of the players who played in the championships in Moscow and St. Petersburg were from England. In Russia, they all had more familiar to the Russian pronunciation of names and binding for the Russian patronymic. After the 1917 revolution and the Bolsheviks took power, all those Englishmen left Russia. In Russia this referee was written - Е.П.Бейнс.
The match was played. In the future, due to the fact that this match was no need for the Olympic Committee expelled him from the match of the tournament, and as the game referee who had no power to referee this game, FIFA recommended to delete the game from the list of international games. In Norway and made in Russia about this game before 1992 years in general, no one knew then learned not understand it and have included in the roster of games match. Officially added to the roster of games the team Russia since 1994.

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Apr 2 10 5:04 PM

Sergey wrote:
Game 3 July 1912 Russia - Norway planned by the organizers of the tournament

Wasn't the Norway - Russia match played on 05-07-1912? BTW, Hungary was not able to play Russia on both 3 and 5 July 1912. On 03-07-1912 Hungary played against Germany, on 05-07-1912 against Austria. Both matches were Olympic Games Consolations Cup matches.

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Apr 3 10 6:37 AM

The game took place exactly on July 3. The match was planned because
that a team of Hungary, after the defeat of Great Britain 0:7, wishes to refuse to play in the Olympic Games Consolations.
Games Consolation tournament began on July 1, writes that the team of Hungary in the first round of the tournament released by lot from the games. It is not a precise definition, a team of Hungary did not play because initially refused to play. These days with 1 to July 3, the organizers decided to play the game Russia - Norway, the winner to replace the team of Hungary. They appointed day game on July 3, the time 10 o'clock in the morning, have chosen referee games it was Hungarian referee.
The morning of 3 July and a team of Hungary has decided to play in games Consolation tournament. And together with his coach, he should be referee Russia - Norway, began preparing for game against Germany, the organizers scheduled the game 15 hours.
Writing on a number of sites date July 5 is incorrect, these and other errors, all fall into from Russian books. You probably do not know Russian language, is good, all these books is better not to read, there are many mistakes.

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Jun 24 14 11:03 AM

I hope somebody will be interested.

07-Sep-1913. Moscow. Zamoskvorechye Sports Club (ZKS) pitch. 7000.
MFL-1 XI - Norway 3-0 (HT 2-0).
Referee: John "Ivan" Bell (Moscow).
Scorers: 1-0 Zhitarev 7', 2-0 Zhitarev 30', 3-0 Manin 65'.
MFL-1: Dmitri Matrin, F. Jones, Ivan Vorontsov, Andrei Akimov, William "Vasili" Charnock [c], Dmitri Vozdvizhenski, Nikolai Denisov, Aleksei Troitski, Boris Manin, Vasili Zhitarev, Sergei Romanov.
Norway: Asbjørn Aamodt, Malcolm Andersen, Frode Bjerkholt, Wilhelm Hansen, Johan Hallberg, Georg Andersen, Bjarne Hansen, Johan Lauritzen, Olaf Ruud, Carl Pedersen, Tormod Kjellsen.

11-Sep-1913. Moscow. S.A. Union pitch.
MFL-2 XI - Norway 1-4 (HT 0-3).
Referee: Ivan Savostyanov (Moscow).
Scorers: 0-1 Kjellsen, 0-2 ?, 0-3 ?, 0-4 ?, 1-4 Nikitin.
MFL-2: Aleksandr Martynov, Edge, Vladimir Lash, Boris Popovich, Harry "Garry" Newman [c], Antropov, Mikhail Smirnov, Valentin Sysoyev, May, Nikitin, Leonid Zolkin.
Norway: Asbjørn Aamodt, Malcolm Andersen, Frode Bjerkholt, Wilhelm Hansen, Johan Hallberg, Georg Andersen, Bjarne Hansen, Johan Lauritzen, Olaf Ruud, Carl Pedersen, Tormod Kjellsen.

Note: MFL = Moscow Football League

Source: Футболистъ (a Russian Empire football magazine), year 1914, Nrs. 4, 5 ,6.

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Jun 24 14 10:33 PM

Great, thanks. Is MFL-1 the first division (top division) and MFL-2 the second division? Or just 2 different selections from the entire league?

Edit: ignore that, I see it was answered elsewhere already.

Last Edited By: nfm24 Jun 24 14 11:32 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 25 14 3:45 PM

I can't ignore that ))

MFL-2 is the top division too. It was a strong team. Newman, Mikhail Smirnov, Sysoyev, Zolkin and Leonid Smirnov (he was in the reserve) played for Russia NT already. Martynov, Lash, Popovich and Sergei Romanov (he also was in the reserve) will play for Russia soon.

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