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Mar 13 09 7:36 PM

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In may 1962 West Germany played in Guinea.
East Germany came in december :
16/12/1962 Conakry : Guinea 2-3 East Germany

I aten't dead !

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Sep 22 15 9:38 AM

some pre-independance "internationals"

1947 Guinea-S.Leone 0-4

1948 S.Leone-Guinea 2-0

10.11.49 Cote d'Ivoire-Guinea 1-2


Cote d'Ivoire-Guinea 2-5

Could have been city selections (Freetown, Conakry, Abidjan)

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Sep 22 15 9:39 PM

pieter wrote:
1948 S.Leone-Guinea 2-0

 I have 15/5/48  Sierra Leone 2-0 Conakry   (at Freetown).

There were also Easter tournaments in this era involving Dakar, Bissau, Gambia etc.

But French West Africa is a blind spot for me - no newspapers are accessible.
What was your source for the other matches?

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Sep 23 15 8:32 AM

Le football guinéen des origines à l'independance (1925-1958) CF Condé, he also wrote a book on Hafia Conakry

his main source is La Guinée française", a newspaper or magazine, but it is not online

the book gives a lot of information on the Coupe de l'AOF, the most important club competition in French Africa before independance

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Sep 23 15 9:11 PM

Nice, I hope he is working on the next volumes for subsequent decades.
CF Conde was also a journalist in the 1970s-80s, I remember seing his name author of many articles in "Horoya" (and possibly "France Football"). I think he was also in the IFFHS at one time.

I will try to look up the 1947 match in Sierra Leone papers. The others will need someone with access to the French national library (or, in the African countries themselves).

There was a whole book about the AOF (maybe you have it already): "Foot-ball, histoire de la coupe d'A.O.F" (author: Bocar Ly).

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Sep 24 15 6:10 AM

I will put the information about the "internationals" on the forum

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Oct 4 15 5:16 PM

From Sierra Leone newspapers, I found these two games (both played in Freetown):
17-Feb-1951 Sierra Leone 2-1 Conakry (ended a few minutes early because Conakry walked off after the winning goal)
24-Nov-1951 Sierra Leone 2-0 Conakry
These were described as the second and third international matches between the two teams. Presumably the 1948 game is the first, at least according to the Sierra Leone count.

25-Mar-1951 Port Loko 2-1 "Conakry" (in Port Loko)
13-May-1951 "Star de Guinee" 2-1 Port Loko (in Conakry)

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Oct 14 16 3:55 PM

In this era, under French rule they seemed to prefer the inter-city matches (perhaps like interports in Asia) rather than the inter-territorial matches more common in British-Africa (e.g. Gossage Cup, Currie Cup, Levy Cup, Jalco Cup etc). So you could see Dakar vs Conakry, or Abidjan vs Bamako, say, but not Senegal vs Guinea. Although there were counterexamples to this. And it may be that, like some of the European labels (Budapest XI etc) the city teams could include players from further afield.

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