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Apr 3 14 8:49 AM

It's indeed the colour that makes Leyton House so special icon_smile.gif

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Apr 9 14 7:03 PM

It's unique at least, I'd only really heard of this team by name until you mentioned it. I can see why they folded looking at their results, looks like that driver Capelli was carrying the team. He was in the most recent F1 game in 'classic' mode for Ferrari, almost always in last place...

From my time, the most standout regular livery would probably be Jordan GP with their yellow & black:

They also got creative when they needed to mask their tobacco sponsorships:

Jordan 2003 livery no tobacco

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Apr 10 14 9:02 AM

Not bad, I amdit. I don't know whether somebody remembers the legendary livery of British American Racing.





It looks like the Chagos Islands football team: two kits in one!!!


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May 1 14 9:11 AM

Today is the twentieth anniversary of Ayrton Senna's death. Although I was just 11 years old, I still remember very well that tragic weekend. Everything was surreal; it seemed that a sort of curse flitted above Imola's circuit.
As a great Formula 1 fan, that event marked my childhood.


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Jul 23 14 12:04 PM


The Pacific F1 livery from 1994, they were the slowest cars in 1994 and often failed to Qualify. Personally I love the livery

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Jul 26 14 10:50 PM

Rubbish individual sports. All sports should be team sports. :-P

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Jul 27 14 3:51 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
All sports should be team sports. :-P
And who says F1 isn't? ('Team sport' that is, the term 'sport' is still debatable)

Scene: Today's brilliant Hungarian GP, best car all year has been Mercedes, but various events put their drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton together somewhere further down.

Engineer to Hamilton: "Lewis, Nico still has one pitstop left. Don't hold him up when he gets close."
After several requests, Hamilton, slightly pulling away: "I'll let him past if he actually gets here. I'm not slowing for Nico." smiley: laugh

End result: Nico makes pitstop, ends up around 30 seconds behind Hamilton & leaders and somehow on much better tyres gets it back in the last 10 laps, but still comes 4th to Hamilton's 3rd (having started in last place).

Great driving from all the top 4 today, if those kinds of races didn't exist every now and then no-one would watch. Hamilton led at one point, has anyone ever had a better race from starting last?

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Jul 27 14 6:23 PM

I am a massive F1 fan and today was one of the best races for 5 or 6 years I would say.

As for races from the back to front.

Vettel  started in the pits in Abu Dhabi in 2012 and finished 3rd.

John Watson made a habbit of it.

1982 Detroit Watson started 17th and won the race around a twisty street circuit and then in 1983 he started 22nd of 26 and won the race at Long Beach which remains the best back to front gain in F1, but the most amazing thing about that race was Niki Lauda finished 2nd in the other McLaren and he started 23rd that race.

So McLaren started 22nd and 23rd and finished 1-2.

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#55 [url]

Jul 27 14 9:35 PM

Didn't he have half a minute on everyone else at one point? Shame that race got suspended, that scenario would have been very interesting.

I think I remember his tyre choice being due to either a lucky guess or some really cheap weather equipment predicting rain while everyone else with their expensive radars got it wrong...

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Jul 27 14 9:52 PM

And another German GP brought one of the biggest starting place-to-winners gap of all-time, Rubens Barrichello from 18th on the grid for his first-ever win, helped in part by this guy fresh from the asylum:

They ruined that Hockenheimring track just a couple of years later smiley: frown.

Aki - Don't forget about Jenson Button in Canada in 2011, won the 'longest-ever race' after starting last from a mid-race restart. A better achievement than the rest, but of course he didn't start the race there, so...

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Jul 29 14 1:39 AM

I'd much rather see saloon car racing with ordinary production cars. These formula 1 cars are hideous excuses for vehicles - like glorified skateboards. There is virtually no outward difference between the cars, and the races are far too long. 1 lap would surely be enough.

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Jul 29 14 4:48 PM

Tried a glorified skateboard recently - my sister got this new in-thing called a Penny Board - even with my very limited experiences of skating I could tell it was a longer, thinner, sleeker, and plasticer version of a regular board that basically just increases speed at the expense of any other feature... like steering, jumping, or any sense of security while riding... so pretty good analogy there.

Although F1 cars can get air sometimes with a little help:

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#59 [url]

Aug 9 14 12:27 PM

Way too many corners in F1 being made dull and 'sanitised' by the health & safety run-off areas in recent years, the latest is the famous 'Curva Parabolica' at Monza:


Never quite understood the purpose of them other than to keep cars in the race (F1 should not be so 'forgiving' in this if a car leaves the track), surely if steering/braking fails coming up to a big corner like this one then it's safer to bullet the car through some gravel than more tarmac?

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#60 [url]

Aug 10 14 9:25 PM

The problem is that F1 cars are too fast for the roads they are driving on. There should be a speed limit of 30mph. This would encourage people to think in other ways on how to win the race rather than just "drive as fast as possible and hope it's not too fast for the corner"..

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