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Mar 19 09 1:53 AM

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Puerto Rico Islanders may qualify for Club World Championship

Colin Clarke is coach of this club and Puerto Rico NT

will Puerto Rico NT to be top team in CONCACAF ?

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Mar 19 09 7:47 AM

Puerto Rico Islanders is mainly with players not from Puerto Rico. I think only two from Islanders were in squad for Puerto Rico NT when they played World Cup qualifiers?

Good news for football on Puerto Rico anyway

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Mar 20 09 5:14 PM

pieter wrote:
Are they the champions of P.Rico ?
No they play in the American leagues as a franchise for the Island.

What a result to beat Cruz Azul 2-0. I hope them all the best in the tournament.

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Mar 20 09 5:18 PM

How can they represent P.Rico if they do not play in their home competition ? So they are a US team ? How did they qualify for the Champions League ?

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Mar 20 09 5:22 PM

pieter wrote:
How can they represent P.Rico if they do not play in their home competition ? So they are a US team ? How did they qualify for the Champions League ?
They are based on the Island and represented the P.Rico in the Carribean Cup which is a qualifying tournament for the CONCACAF Champions League. You dont have to be domestic Champions to represent your country in the Carribean Club Cup unlike other international club tournaments.

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Mar 20 09 10:20 PM

Well as a club team that are based in Puerto Rico they can represent the Puerto Rico FA at the Carribean Club Cup. Becuase they finished third in this tournament they could then compete in the CONCACAF Champions League. Now they have reached the semi Final stage which is a real achievement.

A team can represent an FA in the Carribean Cup even if it aint the national champions or plays in the league system. I think the Puerto Rico Islanders might be in some way though part of the Puerto Rican FA which may have helped also.

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Mar 21 09 3:19 PM

Islanders are registered in Puerto Rico FA.. they play in US, because Puerto Rico belongs to US

FC Vaduz plays in Swiss Premier League but in UEFA competitions they represent Liechtenstein, not Switzerland.. so it's not a CONCACAF "thing"..

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#10 [url]

Apr 8 09 6:38 AM

Islanders were eliminated

while their farm team Sevilla FC (Puerto Rico) were eliminated earlier in Caribbean Club Championship

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Apr 8 09 5:17 PM

Shame. It will be an all Mexican final then as the other semi final contains two Mexican clubs.

You would think the MLS teams would have being a bit more competitive. But next season teams in the MLS who are playing the SuperLiga will not play in the Champions League and vice versa. This is hoped to give a better chance to MLS teams in both Competitions.

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Apr 14 09 8:24 AM

I think it has no relation.

Islanders if full of foreigners, while the "true" Puerto Rican team in CFU championship was already eliminated by a team in Antigua.. so their level are not so high

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Apr 14 09 8:49 AM

So they have another team in the CFU-championship that are also qualifiers for the Champions League... Is it not as Belgium would send AZ67 to champions league, because there are a lot of Belgian players and they would be much stronger then our own champion?
As for their national team: first they will have to play on a regular basis: competition and friendlies before they can get results....It is not a small country like Grenada or St Vincant that made it to the finals, but they never play....

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#16 [url]

Apr 14 09 1:18 PM

Every country can send two teams to CFU championship. Puerto Rico sent Islanders and Sevilla (which is something like Islanders-B team)

Islanders are not there because they have a lot of Puerto Rican players (actually they only have 4). They are there because they are members of Puerto Rican FA.

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#17 [url]

Apr 14 09 9:27 PM

Yes and as the best side that resides in Puerto Rico, they should be the team to represent Puerto Rico.

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