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Mar 21 09 4:22 PM

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Search information about the following players to the national team in Canada were active. Unfortunately, I only know the names behind. They played in 1975 in several games.

? Kelly,? Telford,? Rose,? Connor,? Burke,? Whitehead,? Santos,? Megraw?? Magill,? Burns

Thank you in advance
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Dec 28 12 8:14 PM

These are some "legendary" pictures for the Canadian soccer.
On 14-09-1985, Canada defeated Honduras 2-1, conquered the 1985 CONCACAF Championship and achieved the qualification for the 1986 World Cup.






Source: the Italian magazine Supergol number 23 from December 1985.

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Sep 11 13 9:03 AM

Some of the latest results registered by Canada:

Honduras-Canada 8-1
Canada-Mauritania 0-0
Canada-Mauritania 0-1

Canada - very beautiful country, very civilized people, VERY BAD NATIONAL TEAM!!

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Sep 13 13 8:51 AM

Whereas, if we consider the population, one of the best performing territories is surely the Province of Alessandria, in northern Italy.
It has a population of only 414,000 inhabitants distributed in just 3,560 km2, nevertheless look how many champions it produced:

Gianni Rivera, European champion in 1968 and Golden Ball in 1969;
Pietro Rava, Olympic champion in 1936 and World champion in 1938;
Eraldo Monzeglio, World champion in 1934 and 1938;
Umberto Caligaris, World champion in 1934 (without playing);
Giovanni Ferrari, World champion in 1934 and 1938;
Carlo Tagnin, winner of two European Cups with Inter (he annulled Alfredo Di Stéfano in the 1964 European Cup final);
Elvio Banchero, Bronze medal in the 1928 Olympic Games;
Adolfo Baloncieri, Bronze medal in the 1928 Olympic Games.
Enzo Robotti, winner of a Cup Winners' Cup with Fiorentina;
Sergio Castelletti, winner of a Cup Winners' Cup with Fiorentina;
Riccardo Sogliano, winner of a Cup Winners' Cup with AC Milan.

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Sep 13 13 2:37 PM

to get back to the item: I hope CONCACAF will not give a wild card to Canada for the Gold cup next time.... Some teams deserve it more ...

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Sep 14 13 1:08 AM

Canada doesn't get a wild card, as such. North America gets 3 places at the Gold Cup (it just happens that now North America only has 3 countries after Bermuda joined the CFU).

I think what would be fair would be a distribution of places as follows:

North America - 2 (USA and Mexico)
UNCAF - 4 (Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador)
CFU - 4 (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guadeloupe, Haiti)

The remaining 2 places could be decided in a mini tournament (1 North America, 1 UNCAF and 1 CFU).

So, for example,
Canada, Guatemala, Martinique
The Top 2 would qualify for the Gold Cup.

This would necessitate a 5th place play-off in the Caribbean Cup and UNCAF Cup.

It would give Canada 2 competitive matches they wouldn't normally have.

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Sep 16 13 1:47 PM

2013 Canada scored a single goal in 11 games. In this vast country, it is obviously difficult to find a player who can score goals (it’s like to find ‘the needle in a haystack’…).

Well, Canadian NT deserves scorn and gloating … but - for those who like it, to derive conclusions from a few match results:

A selection of results of the U.S. NT
29/02/12 Italy 0-1 USA
26/05/12 USA 5-1 Scotland
03/06/12 Canada 0-0 USA (oh, USA didn’t win)
29/01/13 USA 0-0 Canada (… again)

02/06/13 USA 4-3 Germany

Italy, Scotland and Germany needed only one attempt to be defeated by a U.S. team, Canada had two attempts: as usual they failed …smiley: wink

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Oct 10 13 7:05 PM

I almost never expect Canada to perform well, and this is coming from someone who has watched them in 8 countries.  

I even saw them lose 3-0 in Strumica, Macedonia.  They managed to miss two penalties in that game.  

In a way, Canada is like the Northern Ireland of Europe ;)  Sometimes they both get a good result, but more often than not they are struggling against sides like Luxembourg etc....

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