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Dec 28 16 10:32 AM

I continue my "celebrations" of the most important events in the history of the various National teams through my personal archive.

This is one of the best achievements for the Canadian soccer: the 2000 Gold Cup triumph.


Source: World Soccer Yearbook 2000.

While this is the goal to Honduras that gave Canada the 1985 CONCACAF Championship and the qualification to the 1986 World Cup.


Source: France Football issue 2059 from 24 September 1985.

P.S.: I already posted a lot of pictures about the 1985 success in the previous pages, but they have been deleted from the ImageShack uploader. I will post them again as soon as I have five minutes.

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Jan 26 17 9:46 AM

Canada is playing Scotland on March 22nd. Apparently, Canada wants to set up one more match during the international break. Has anyone heard some rumours?

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