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Mar 28 09 8:23 AM

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A remarkable match was played on 6 October 1920 at Campo do Barracas in Buenos Aires:

Brazil 1-3 Argentina
Referee: F. Diez (Argentina)
(between brackets the team to which the player belongs)
Ayrton [Fluminense]
Kuntz [Flamengo]
João [Andaraí]
Oswaldo Gomes [Fluminense]
Constantino [Santos]
Castelhano [Santos]
Alvarizza [Brasil-RS]
Coach: ground comittee

Tesoriere, Bearzotti, Cortella - Calomino, Bruzzone, Lucarelli, Echeverria.
Coach não houve (none)

Goals: Castelhano, Echeverria (2), Lucarelli

Protesting against an Argentine newspaper that published an picture of the Brazilian team drawn as monkeys, some players refused to play and the Brazilian team started the match with only seven Brazilian players and completed by four Argentine players. The crowd protested against the Argentine reinforces in Brazilian team and the match was finally realized with only seven players in each team. Due to this, several publcations don´t consider this match as official.

I would say not to count this match even though its not clearly mentioned if initially four Argentine did play for Brazil for a while. Finally it became some kind of a "7 a side" match and ("11 a side") soccer as we know is not mentioned to be something like that. It would have been different if four players from each side were send off (due to unfair playing or insulting the ref).
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Mar 30 09 8:12 PM

Yes, and unfortunately it is only one form of discrimination. Sexism, Ageism, religious discrimination are also present, and more common than we like to think.

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Oct 4 10 4:15 PM

The "confrontos" lists on the CBF website seem to contradict previous official lists for Brazil:

For example it doesn't include the 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which we know was considered official by the CBF and by FIFA.

Also the game in 1976 vs "Team America" was regarded as official for CBF.

So I don't think we can regard those lists as definitive, albeit they appear on CBF's own website (then again, remember the Tahiti federation which just took a screenshot of the FIFA database).

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Oct 4 10 6:04 PM

Referring to this topic I can only agree such lists cannot be regarded as definitive. It is good Brazil FA deleted i.e. the 1976 match against 'Team USA' becuase that team was not USA national team. However, many other changes could be arguable as we can read in this topic and even this one

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Oct 4 10 7:51 PM

It seems like for the "confrontos" lists that CBF has defined a new official list of games. But I don't know if they have really done that properly, or if they just did a lazy quick job. I don't remember any announcement about deleting some games, which would affect caps of players.

But on the other hand, I'm happy with some of their changes, e.g. Team America and some Gold Cups deleted. But it still includes friendlies of Olympic teams in 1996, for example.

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Oct 4 10 8:13 PM

nfm24 wrote:
But it still includes friendlies of Olympic teams in 1996, for example.

I agree these kind of matches should not be official A matches, but if these matches have been announced as such before the kick off even these kind of matches are full A-international matches. The coach is free to select the players he wants to.

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Feb 4 11 11:03 AM

The list is no longer available at CBF website however, it would seem as they removed all matches against club selections as well. Currently only matches since 2005 are listed. Question is then how official that list was in the first place.

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Aug 29 11 1:46 AM

The list is still there

Apparently it is based on a recent almanac (book) published in Brazil, presumably connected to CBF.

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Feb 20 12 9:22 PM

IFFHS explains that this friendly isn't regarded as "A" match because of the fact that Brazil fielded some Argentinean footballers.


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