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Apr 20 09 10:21 AM

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A representative team from Argentina toured to the Middle East and Europe in 1972 and apparently played 12 games. The team consisted of players from the Argentinian second division.
They had 3 former Olympic players: Carlos Panizo, Ricardo Julio Villa (later 1978 World champion) and Juan Carlos Merlo.
Their planned games were:
7/11 in Tel-Aviv vs Israel (they lost 2-3)
9/11 in Istanbul vs Turkey
12/11 in Belgrade vs Yugoslavia
? in Athens vs Greece
and games in Tehran, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

The Argentinian side was named in Israel "Argentina B" but they can't be considered as the "B" team of Argentina. "B" apparently means "B league". Can someone add more details?
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Apr 20 09 1:29 PM

I don't have any scores that tour (except the Israel game). I will ask Eduardo Cantaro.

I would usually interpret a "B team" to mean the second best team, i.e. the "best of the rest". Otherwise terms like "C team" or "D team" can have no meaning.

In the same way as Calapez, I would use simply "Argentina XI" to indicate a team that was not the A team (though personally if I know the correct definition/status of the team I would prefer to give it explicitly).

If the squad was really a 2nd division selection then we should call it that, e.g. "Argentina Div 2 XI" or something.

Mexico also sent a second-division squad on a tour of the Middle East (I forget which year), and also played vs some Caribbean teams I think.

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