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May 27 09 4:57 AM

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This came from a recent report of a match in the East Sutherland Amateur Football League in the North of Scotland, a match in which Golspie Stafford beat Helmsdale United 1-0.

"In the 18th minute, Golspie earned yet another corner after fine work by young Liam Sutherland who marauded down the left flank throughout. Shane Sutherland drilled the corner to the back post were Steve "the ghost" Doogan lay in wait – he leapt like a salmon and, as the crowd rose in anticipation, he unfortunately also headed the ball like a salmon and the chance was gone!"
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May 27 09 2:56 PM

Is it quite sad if I have actually attended a match in the East Sutherland Amateur League? I once watched Embo play against Helmsdale when they won the league. I was in Embo camping and just happen to come along the game. It was a weird sight as the day was very windy all the people watched the game in their cars and when Embo scored the fans beeped the horns of the cars. It was quite an atmosphere.

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Jun 2 09 8:01 PM

It is what you miss, when you only watch big "guns" games...the atmosphere ...small grounds and lower level games are just wonderful

"....And the smarter ones beetween us, are those who find out about their social stupidity earlier...." Abd daim !!!!

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Jun 2 09 9:02 PM

Well i watch more lower league football than big gun games as I work with a local club team which runs teams from 3 year olds right up to senior level so I more or less see at least a game a day during the summer. Its great.

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