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May 29 09 2:37 AM

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what is Suriprofs team ?

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May 29 09 9:17 AM

Not only Surinamese born players who play in the Netherlands. Also players who are Surinamese born or with Surinamese roots who play outside the Netherlands as well. Likes of Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard have also played for Suriprofs team. Both have a (black) Surinamese father and a white (Dutch) mother.

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May 29 09 7:33 PM

If you mean the FIFA rule the answer is no because most of the Suriprofs players have Dutch nationality. In Netherlands you can have double passports but not both Dutch and Surinamese passports. All the ones who have been born in Suriname pre 25-11-1975 (when Suriname became independent) had to choose between Surinamese or Dutch citizenship.

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May 29 09 8:59 PM

Exactly.. that's the stupid rule.. why can't they have Suriname and Dutch nationality at the same time?
With that rule Suriname will never be a top nation.. because for a football player it's obvious what nationality he will choose..

The Republic of Suriname does not recognize Dual Nationality.

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Jun 5 09 7:33 AM

Some interesting sites about the Suriprofs team. You can see all matches they played and and some of the greatest names that ever played for the Suriprofs team. At least 17 of them ever played full A international matches for Netherlands. You can see Dutch NT key players were amongst them.

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Jun 6 09 10:09 AM

No results of the Paramaribo tournament (Suri team)?

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Apr 20 14 9:56 PM

As well as Suriprofs, there was a match in 1987 with a Jamaican version, labelled as "Jamaica-UK" : all professionals in England with Jamaican heritage. Their captain was John Barnes.

28-June-1987 Jamaica (national team) 2-4 "Jamaica-UK"

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Dec 1 14 8:35 PM

The opposition in Suriname just submitted an amendment to allow Surinamese in diaspora to play for the Surinamese NT.

A meeting in the Netherlands was held two weeks ago called "Suriname op weg naar het WK 2018" ("Suriname on its way to the WC 2018")
In the mean time, a match is in preparation for an unofficial Suriname team with both home based players and "Suriprofs". They will play probably 26 December in Paramaribo vs W Connenction from Trinidad & Tobago. FIFA agreed to take care of the assurance in case players get injured.  Dean Gorré is appointed coach for this match.


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Dec 1 14 9:23 PM

Isn't it about 30 years too late to adopt this policy? I'm sure diaspora may improve results a bit, but they won't suddenly be much better than (say) Trinidad or Jamaica who also can't qualify.
Considering that Suriname's last four games were 0-0 vs Martinique, 2-3 vs Bonaire, 1-1 vs Barbados, and 0-1 vs their own U-20 team, they need all the help they can get.

Assuming the FBI don't order USA to withdraw from FIFA, and Mexico don't screw up as much as last time, all the other teams will probably be fighting with Costa Rica and Honduras for the chance to play New Zealand or Uruguay.

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Dec 5 14 1:52 AM

If Suriname qualify for the 2018 World Cup, I will have a voice-activated red LED implanted in each of my nipples, which will flash every time someone says "Suriname".

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Dec 5 14 2:12 AM

Then you will be a major attraction in the "window shopping" district of Amsterdam.

I have a Chinese friend who told me his father named him after Suriname because he liked it so much on a visit. He is called Suli (I guess this was phonetically bodged from "Suri")

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